Saturday, September 04, 1999

September 1999 on campus

This is part of my nostalgia bit from my senior year on campus from way back in 1999.

Ps: First installment. leaving some of the names in place, to remind batchmates to send wishes where relevant.


Right now we have just got in. There are a huge number of Junior girls. So there was no place for them in the hostel. The room which was supposed to be a single seater for me, is now being shared by 4 junior girls. I got such a shock to enter my room & see 4 beds in there.

My room had been the store room for summers and so I was shocked to find that all our stuff was thrown out of the room. Still havent located some of our stuff. Some of our cards and other personal belongings which were outside have been junked or torn to make into place cards by the jr women. Hmmm they havent endeared themselves to us. Lets c what happens over the coming weeks.

Anyway, this hapenned to about 15 of us, who were living in the faculty flats in the first year and had elected to stay on in there. First they had put us in small cramped rooms in the LH. Putting 3 or 4 in a room meant to house 2 at the most. Few of us protested until we were given rooms in the MDP hostel. The AC connection has been removed but the rooms are comfortable.

Great News :
As some of you might have already heard Ministhy S. delivered a baby girl on 31 August at 10.00 a.m. She and the baby are fine.

Great News 2:
RS got married on the 28th of this month in Madras, the guy is with Ernst & young in Muscat. She had sent an invite to XL.

There is this girl in the junior batch P ( had u guys heard about C fainting in Jomus room when he was taking Viva and kind of browbeating her last term ???) Well this P took it one step further. She fainted while doing her presentation. (The reason attributed was that she had put in 2 consequtive nite outs)

G fell down on the dance floor (abt a month back) and his leg is still in cast.

Football captain Ankush decided to have a jr-sr match on Aug 15th. The 'Independence Cup' was highly publicised, but didn't happen becos we had our lab law mid term on the same day.

The cc was in extremely bad shape inspite of upgrading to Windows NT, the hardware was in miserable shape, so Socrates threw down the towel. They refused to work in the cc any more and called a GBM in which they said that they would be like the other associations and concentrate on organising syposiums & lectures. So this match I was talking abt. Got rescheduled & was now called the 'Socrates Cup'. It got postponed again.

Then after all this hungama was created. Not without reason. We were losing our files. Word files would get converted into these tiny boxes and hazaar other problems. SO we were pushing for postponement of submissions (NO we r not a frax batch, the printer is till not working) finally we got a blanket ban postponing all submissions until the 21st of September. So the football match finally happened as the "Submission Postponement Cup'

Those interested in the result : it was a draw.

Interesting events : B has broken his nose.
He is much better now.

Right now, exams are on. We finish tomorrow. The way the new dean has set the timetable is that the last paper is a compulsory paper for both IR - II and BMD - II. So no one can go home before the other. We start again on the 14th of Septmeber.


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