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XL-IIM C Meet In The Hindu, Delhi

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From: Allen Ebenezer Eric

The Hindu, Delhi has published a writeup on XL-IIM C Meet in its Campus Jottings Column on Page 3. But sadly, it just chronicles the meet and does not focus on the victory. It is based on the "politically correct" press release sent out... :-)
Campus Jottings

From The Hindu, September 30, 2004, Delhi

IT HAPPENS to be a celebration of the competitive spirit. Started in the early 1970s as an attempt towards ensuring a lasting relationship between the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, and Xavier's Labour Research Institute (XLRI) Jamshedpur, the annual sports meet between the two B-schools seems to be gaining in popularity with every passing year.

Aimed at facilitating exchange of ideas and thoughts between the two sides, the annual rendezvous has acted as a platform where students could participate in academic seminars, presentations and some sports over the week-end in winter.

Over the years, however, sports managed to take centre-stage with the academic participation shifting towards another arena. Now, every year in September or October, the students of the two Institutes meet at either of the campuses in what they like to call "the mother of all sports meets", with the venue alternating between Jamshedpur and Kolkata.

This year, XLRI beat IIM Calcutta in the 33rd annual XLRI-IIM Calcutta Trophy competition by a 13-8 margin, with the deciding factor being the girls' events.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Xlers on Orkut?

From: Gautam Ghosh
Date: Wed Sep 29, 2004 1:31 pm

hey I discovered a XL community on Orkut (the social networking site - as opposed to and linkedin that are biz networking site)

It's already got 49 members...

For those people who are already on orkut but not on the XL community
go here and join

And those who are not on Orkut but wanna get in send me a mail....yeah
it's like get in only if you're's owned by google ;-)) !

Gautam Ghosh

The Press Release

From: Surya S
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 22:43:06 +0530
Subject: press writeup for External Linkage by me.. on XL-IIMC


"This was supposed to be a cakewalk!! What happened?? "The entire IIMCians were left with this question as the two day battle for the XL-IIMC trophy came to an end.

XLRI convincingly claimed the trophy by beating the IIMCians 13-8. "We knew we could win the trophy the moment we won the cricket match against all odds. To chase a run rate close to six is always a challenge. But our players rose to the occasion and gave it all they have got" said a visibly charged Pradeep Mamak of the Sports Committee. "The defining moment was winning the badminton match against them, who had a player who represented India in the international arena." He added.

The XL-IIMC trophy was mutually agreed upon by the students' councils of both colleges as they felt the need to underline the importance of this event. The annual clash is unparalleled in the history of Indian B-Schools, with both sides starting the preparations months before the actual event. The venue of the event alternates between XLRI and IIMC every year; with the faculty and administration on both sides providing ample support and autonomy to the students.

The campus was charged from the moment the IIMCians landed at XLRI. No effort was too much to ensure that the guests had a great time off the field, even though XLRI summarily thrashed their guests in the arena. The first event was women's throw ball which was won by the XLers, and as the games progressed with a score of 4-0; the XLers were beginning to think in terms of victory. But IIMC fought back and leveled the scores by the end of the first day, which made the events all the more exciting and closely fought.

What is the USP of this batch of XLers? "Good players, great crowd support and no politics regarding the team selections " Pradeep sums up. " But the deciding factor was the girls. Our women played really well. Also they offered tremendous crowd support, turning out in large numbers to boost the players. Nothing can beat the fact that your friends are cheering for you from the sidelines irrespective of the time of the day."

What are the plans for the future? Navinder Singh Dullat, the SportsComm secretary who also took part in the men's basketball (which, needless to say, XLRI won) elaborates: "Lots of spectator sports like swimming, water polo, long jump high jump etc. could be included but for the lack of training facilities. We lost out on those events like volleyball and tennis which we do not have facilities to practice regularly. We lost those events not due to lack of talent, but due to lack of training."

"I would like to thank S.J Augustine the faculty advisor for SportsComm and S.J James for their guidance and support. Being sportsmen themselves, they were as enthusiastic as we were and helped us out with the entire event" Dullat explains. "Also, the sponsor for the event was Tata Tinplate, headed by Mr. Bhushen Raina. He is an alumnus of XLRI and also the National Head of our alumni network. This is the best gift that we could have given him."

Another interesting factor was the drumming that IIMC got in the only two intellectual events in the whole event: chess (3-0) and bridge. The comprehensive victory is celebrated by the XLRI family with the usual enthusiasm and cheer.

The college bands of XLRI and IIMC named Bodhi Tree and JBS treated the students to a musical night. The guests bid adieu to XLRI in the early hours of Monday extending invitations for the meet which is to happen next year at Jokka, and also promising a tougher fight to the finish next year.

But till then, XLRI celebrates.

Surya S
Junior Executive Member
External Linkages Cell
XLRI, Jamshedpur

E Mail:

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

We beat IIMC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [ Detailed commentryon 2 glorious days] - Cover issue

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From: Madhur Upadhyay []

"5 busloads of Jokers, numbering atleast 250 are reaching here by midnight", declared Navinder Dullat, the Sportscomm Secy, to a charged up set of XLers from the classes of 2005 and 2006 who had assembled in the Exam Hall.

After the crowd control stuff, need for discipline, food and stay arrangements were discussed, an important message was sent out-"Don't get outnumbered on ur own campus. Come out and cheer for team XL"

Midnight came and went...with no sign of the jokers from Joka...then at abt 5 30, in the morning, storm clouds gathered over CH Area East...5 buses came tumbling in. They came in myriad hues-guys with hair longer than many girls, some exchange students-they came with bugles, their sports gear, their musical equipment, above all, a swagger derived from their untrammelled confidence that this was going to be another cake walk...some XLers welcomed IIMCian friends warmly and took them to their rooms.

The overall mood however was one of two armies lined up on the battlefield, waiting for the conch to be the IIMCians trooped into their designated areas in the Enright Hall & the LH, "Ek do Teen Chaar..."started...the battle was just waiting to happen!

While some XLers (like me) were busy practicing at the ground, some IIMCians came down to have a look at the ground. Their men's basky team got straight down to business, playing their half court game and taking 3 pt shots...(one guy, their captain was hitting EVERY shot) that point, that swagger seemed justified. The strong downpour the previous evening had left the ground, especially the cricket pitch in bad shape...the 2 Sports Scys wore a grim look and discussed the rescheduling of events.

One good consequence of the meet was that we all got really decent food for the 2 days that they were here. So, after breakfast, everyone headed to the ground for the first event-Women's throwball. After what turned out to become a standard IIMC custom thruout the meet-crying and moaning abt everything possible- the IIMC girls finally accepted that a throwball is slightly different from a handball and soon...the Battle was ON!!!!

Despite having a severe migraine headache, Swati Radhakrishnan, IR Sr, opened up a healthy lead with some awesome serving. Radhika Tomar, Deepti Bhide and Shikha Pahwa, all IR Jrs, got going as well. IIMC was whitewashed in straight sets in just about 25 minutes. 1-0 XL!!!!

Focus shifted to the Mohan Ahuja stadium where the Baddy matches were held. Led by Surabhi Loshali, the Women's Baddy team registered a convincing win to make the scoreline 2-0. The men's Baddy event was a major centre of attraction. IIMC had Viay Lancy, a former national jr champion, who has beaten the likes of Gopichand and represented India in the Thomas expected, he thrashed his opponent and doubled up with another guy to win his dubs game as well. But that was not the end of it. XL came roaring back with wins from Vikram Dani and John Jim. It was 2-2 and the men's doubles on Sunday evening would decide the fate of this event.

At Beldih club, the squash tem comprising Anshuman Mohapatra, Vikram Dani, Shivram Anantharaman, Abhishek and Dhruv squashed the IIMCians 3-0 in the best of 5 matches. 3-0 XL.

With the sun burning brightly, the ground dried out and the cricketers marched onto the field. Batting first, IIMC managed a decent 154 in 25 overs. In reply, XL made 48 for the loss of 2 wickets in 9 overs before bad light stopped play. HariKrishnan, BMer sr and SAC member and skipper Vikram Dani were at the crease, looking pretty solid.

As the sun went down and the lights came on, focus shifted to Beldih again for the tennis matches. In the women's event, after trading singles wins, the IIMCians managed to win the doubles to open their score. The IIMC men followed up with a solid performance. Suddenly the scores were 3-2 XL.

All attention shifted to the GH1 mess where Table Tennis was happening. Here again, tennis was repeated. After trading single's wins, IIMC women won a close doubles match, aided by some dirty time-wasting, rhythm-breaking tactics.

After much dilly dallying, attention then shifted to the volleyball court on the ground. With a team comprising 1 Nationals player and 3 IIT Volleyball captains, the IIMC men's volleyball team made short work of the XL team, winning comfortably in straight sets.

The IIM C men's TT team was equally impressive and carved out an easy win in their typical, arrogant fashion.

In return, the XL chess team won their matches and elsewhere, the XL bridge team maintained their high reputation and won.

Sunday morning dawned and athletes from both sides moved to the Tata stadium. XL's athletes crushed the IIMCians, winning the long distance combo event with half a lap to spare and winning the short distance combo event comfortably. Robin, Harini, Shambhavi, Sumit Saluja and Roshan Charles shone for XL.

It was back to the volleyball court, where after a very close first set, the IIMC women convincingly won the second set to win the event. The IIM C hockey team also managed to beat the XL team.

XL opened out a lead in the carrom event with proceedings held up due to non attendance of the IIM C players.

Cricket continued and things started heating up with Dani's dismissal. A horrendous decision by the IIM C umpire ran out Major who was looking steady at the crease. The asking rate climbed to 7 per over. Hari was playing the role of anchor well.

A few lusty blows by Ankur Vohra and Shankar Menon brought us closer to the target, but wickets also kept falling. With 2 balls remaining and 3 runs to get, Hari swung a ball towards leg stump into the vacant long leg region for a boundary setting off wild celebrations in the XL camp. Hari moved from 49 to 53 with that boundary and the IIMCians for once were jolted!

For me, this boundary was the turning point, after the disappointment in the earlier losses. The football team was inspired and played an amazing game in the afternoon. Led superbly by John Jim who set up some brilliant passes for the forwards, the team dominated the Jokas completely, hardly allowing them to get close to the goal. Both goals were scored by Praveer "Kullu".

The morale of team XL was getting higher and higher. The XL women's basky team had been practicing diligently under the watchful eyes of Fr James. The game they played against the IIMC women's team will be remembered for some time! They combined beautifully, passing smoothly, defending strongly and consistently taking shots.
In stark contrast, the IIM C women relied completely on the limited skills of one person. The final scoreline-14-1 aptly conveyed the picture.

The scores by this time were 10-7 in XL's favour. Just one more win was needed! Team XL stood on the verge of history!

While the teams got ready for Frisball, all of us headed to Mohan Ahuja for the crucial baddy doubles game. John Jim and Vikram Dani, our two best players were playing as a team. Jim totally psyched out the IIM C players and backed it up with a stunning game. Dani supported him brilliantly. With a vociferous crowd backing them, there was no stopping the XLers and they romped home in straight sets.


Jim & Dani were carried away by ebullient XLers while the IIMCians silently trooped back to campus.

We had lost the Frisball event but won carrom.

Wild celebrations broke out in XL on the JLT, in the GH1 mess...everywhere!!!!!! Beer flowed and wild shrieks of uninhibited joy rent the air..."We are the champions" played appropriately in the background as XL celebrated a VERY cherished victory.

The Men's basky was a formality. Even here, against a much touted IIMC team, the XLers went into the lead from the word go-A half court 3 pter from Kunal Singh Sandhu set the mood and the score rolling. While Siddharth Johri started brilliantly faking, setting up plays and also scoring, Vedagiri Suresh was solid as ever in defence, accurate with his long rangers and made some stinging runs down the middle.

With the score at 39-34 in our favour and abt 9 minutes left, there was a freak incident on court that quickly assumed unnecessary physical dimensions. The game was called off, with IIM C conceding the game to XL.

The final score: XL 13, IIMC-8.....howzzat??!!!

After some reassurance, the IIMCians agreed to stay on for the battle of the bands. The IIMC Band JBS (Joka Bus Stand) reeled off Indipop numbers from Junoon, film songs, an ACDC number and tried to do a Floyd number.

The talented XL band comprising the Bodhi Tree comprising srs-Vikram Dhunta, Rajesh (Thambi), Joshua Karthik (Syko) and Avartan Bokil (Boka) played a single number gave way to the new Bodhi Saplings-a very professional set of ppl from the jr batch. Bharat Rajagopalan on lead, Jishnu Dasgupta (base and vocals), Abhishek Narain (rhythm and vocals), Lara Lobo on keyboards and Poornima Dore on the drums.

Warming up with their own composition, they invited Shambhavi on stage for "Animal Instinct" and "Promises" by Cranberries and Dhananajay Mishra for Clapton's "Cocaine".

Bharat then took off on a trip for a guitar solo after which they played a compn called "Too Many Potatoes" was performed...dedicated to all us potato bred XLers :-)...they finished off with a hard number "What If"

Made friends with some of the Jokas and saw them off at around 4 in the morning.

All in all, one helluva weekend...absolutely unforgettable!!!!

What can I say to all of u...WISH U WERE HERE!!!!!

Go XL!!!!

Luv and best wishes,


XL-IIMC 2005 - Absolutely Rocking!

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From: Mohit Sud []

Here is an article written by an xler after the meet!
Rocking - absolutely!

IIMC T Shirt
" Victory doesn't wait for the minds that think slow. X is unknown but C is constant"

XL T Shirt "3 decades, 2 b-schools, 1 tries and 1 XLs !"

Hi ,
We have had an email correspondence once. Though that was about blogging and other stuff, here is a chance to tell you about something much much more enjoyable... You know we kicked them left & right, up & down... the whole campus cheered our players... we literally psyched them out - esp the girls... one IIMC guy actually cried hearing the halla of our girls... (im so proud of the fact ... >:))... ) The guys were ekdum chuss yaar... we could have also won the TT match, but the Moti playing TT took a 25 minute break citing breathing problems and went and smoked pot (go figure!!) Bad losers... but when they landed up on JLT, they were acting as if they have already won the series.. what nerve... and passing all snide & snooty remarks... Never thought halla was such fun... and never suspected I had a flair in it too.. now Im waiting for next year...

Defining moments:

#1. Chasing a score of 154 in 25 overs (= 6 p.o) and winning with one ball left.. & Harikrishnan, the batsman who scored the winning 4 took a stump, ran upto Jokers and showed them the finger.

#2. Beating the baddy team which had a player ranked 4 nationally. And John Jim going over to the Chusser who was sledging him and rumpling his hair.. & thus freaking them out totally. Their baddy player was asking for a shuttle change after each serve, so Jim went over to their side, threw the entire shuttle to the floor & asked him to select one... maaan... that was classy... :))

#3. Men's basky : Navinder Singh 'Ethical' Dullat, our sports secy, landing a punch on an IIMCian who was trying to get physical with him. And to think that we thought he was being partial to the IIMCians.. Also Rev.Augi & Rev.James screaming "Moti (Mridula of IIMC) ko bulao.." at the men's team.... :))

#4. Athletics : Cristina running along with Lancy, their runner and sledging him... that Joker could not run faster than her.. and he was competing.. heh heh..

#5. After we got 11 points, everyone wanted to play men's basky... names were announced through mike JLT that we actually had some Jokers coming upto us and asking whether we are playing men's basky... (talk about a lack of brains in asking women whether they are playing men's basky....

The euphoria is still in the air... most classes cancelled except Jesu's - he should have come to the field & seen the long locks of the IIMC guys.. (I can almost hear him shouting "You bloody bunch of jokers!! pity we did not have him out on the fields.. ) Am planning to type it all out and preserve... definitely not blogging it as it would be too volatile for any public blog... :)) tc.. n pass the news..

And there tees said "victory doesn't wait for the minds that think slow.. x is unknown but c is constant" prophetic.. and did they forget that x tends to infinity and constancy kills? and hey, we won chess 3-0 and bridge too... so much for their brains.. :))

The t- shirts

About that T-shirt thing… their slogan was

“X is changing… C remains constant”.

We had two T-shirts in reply:

Welcome to XL-IIMC 2004…. Bend Over and Dont Scream

3-Decades/ 2 B-Schools/ One Tries, But one XL’s

The first one literally came true… even their cries were muffed! )

Vivek Sharma

From: mohan vamshi k

Engineers can easily understand this..

d/dx (X) = Won, d/dx (C) = 0. This is what that has happened at XL-IIMC rite??

Ref :

C- Cal..Constant

Mohan Vamshi
Batch of 2004

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From: Abhinav Mathur

Hi all,

Had a chat with the Sportscomm Secy....he says that there's a plan to bring out commemorative tees for the occasion...the slogan and other details still have to be worked out. If we get the orders in time, students going home for diwali or durga pooja can carry the tees along. Sportscomm should be posting a mail with the exact details here sometime many for the new tees...??


Mood before the meet

From: Vivek Sharma []
Subject: [grax] The mood before the meet

Hi All,

A poem here written by Avijit Shastri (Batch of 2006) sums up the enthu in the junior batch as well.

This was written just before the meet started:


Mess ke khane se jo log pareshan hue ja rahe hain
"Change in taste" ka nara jo log buland karva rahe hain
unke liye hum ek khushkhabri la rahe hain
ho jao taiyyar, ke calcutta se dhai sau rasgulle a rahe hain

in rasgullo ko khane ka alag tareeka apnana hai
inko pahle poora nichodna hai phir khana hai
ye nichodne ka bad jyada tasty lagenge,hum pakki bat bata rahe hain ho jao taiyyar , ke calcutta se dhai sau rasgulle a rahe hain

is feast ki tayyari ka charcha calcutta tak ja chuka hai
jan gaye hain ve ki dinner ke menu me unka nam a chuka hai
a rahe hain rat andhere, ke din me ane se ghabra rahe hain
ho jao taiyyar , ke calcutta se dhai sau rasgulle a rahe hain

vishvast sootron se humne ye khabar payi hai
ki unhone ne ek chussu kism ki T - shirt banvai hai
khane wala changing aur rasgulla constant hi rahta hai, ye nayi bat kya bata rahe hain ho jao taiyyar , ke calcutta se dhai sau rasgulle a rahe hain

is feast me kuchh log aham bhoomika nibhaenge
ye wo hai jo unhe nichod ke khane layak banaenge
bakiyo ko zor shor se inka hausla badhana hai
zindagi me pehli bar 6 baje ka alarm lagana hai
a gaya hai samay,ke unhe "jhukne aur na chillane"ke adesh jari kiye ja rahe hain ho jao taiyyar , ke calcutta se dhai sau rasgulle a rahe hain


More details on the win

From: Abhishek Kumar []

We’re told that we last won iimc in 99,97, and before that in 91. So, it has been 5 years.

In men’s basketball, iimc refused to continue the match when 7 minutes of play were left and the score was 39-34 in our favour (XL led throughout).

And in badminton, they managed to lose despite having India no. 7 player Vijay Lancy. J

Cricket: We won a very exciting game. Crowd erupted as Harikrishnan G (He made 53) hit the winning 4 on the second last ball.

It’s a great feeling after the bashing we got last year.


We beat the Jokers from Joka

From: Vivek Sharma
Sent: Monday, September 27, 2004 11:43 AM
Subject: Details of the Sweet Win

Hi XLers,


Final Tally:

(Not counting Men’s Basketball)

Now the details:

Women’s Throwball: We Won Easily
Women’s Badminton: A Cakewalk 2-0
Men’s Badminton: We creamed them 3-2 (Inspite of them having an International Level Player)
Cricket: A Sweet Victory with one ball remaining
Squash: We won 3-1
Chess: Battle of the minds was one sided (3-0).
Athletics (Men’s): We won Easily
Athletics (Women’s): Again an easy victory
Carrom: A whitewash again (3-0)
Bridge: We won a close game
Football: We kicked them out 2-0
Women’s Basketball: One sided affair (They could only score one
Men’s Basketball: We were leading by 5 points in third quarter when they picked up a fight (IIMC refused to play ) Score 39-34 with XL sure to win.

All the events we lost were really close encounters and fought well.

The Celebrations

Celebrations in the JLT started as the score touched 11 (with Men’s Badi). Junta erupted as the song “We are the Champions” started playing in the JLT. Soon, the sounds of 1-2-3-4 plus some new slogans this year filled the skies as XLers did a winning lap throughout all the hostels and especially to each and every place where the “Jokers” (Some of them stunned, some sportive enough) were staying. Some of the IIMC junta started fleeing the moment we reached the score of 11. (Men’s Baski happened later and the carom scores were not out till then).

It was 1-2-3-4 time everywhere…. In the mess, Enright Hall, the new hostel out on the grounds, JLT… We have lived thru a moment last night which every XLer wud love to have. It was really a sweet revenge to last year’s agony.

This year a rolling trophy has been started and it remains (and “will
remain”) in XLRI. As it did the rounds of JLT, the trophy reminded us of all the sweet moments of this meet. Its really a proud moment to be holding it in your hand.

As the night progressed, both the bands took over. First was IIMC with some of their Hindi-Tamil songs. But again, it was XL’s show here as well as the “Bodhi Tree” (the name for our Band) took over. It was a scintillating and totally professional performance. It was a truly fitting finale to a great weekend of extreme emotions.

Congratulations to all XLers once again. The Batch of 2005 and 2006 have brought back the win after a gap. Lets make it a habit!


Vivek Sharma

Business Management Student (Also the Chess Captain J )
Batch of 2005
XLRI School of Management
Jamshedpur, India

Monday, September 27, 2004

Kuru's got a baby girl

Bangalore's very own enthu Kuruvilla Kurian and wife Tara were blessed with a baby girl on 26th September in the evening ! Join us in congratulating the lucky couple and their son Jordan on this new addition to their family.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

GG gets Famous

The contributors to the 1st issue of Global Knowledge Review are from countries all over the globe - spanning across USA, Brazil, UK, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil... and India.

The article from India is titled A Wake Up Call for HR, and is written by Gautam Ghosh a.k.a. GG (99PMIR)

The author description reads:
Gautam is a HR professional based out of India with interests in the areas of Organization Development, Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning and Corporate Strategy. Gautam has had an overriding interest in Knowledge Management for the last 5 years and has been profoundly impacted by the "knowledge creation" model of Nonaka and by John Seely Brown's concept of "Communities of Practice".

...For many in the XL alumni networks, this other facet of GG (Graxer Gautam?:0) may come as a surprise...

Friday, September 10, 2004

Hari Narayan BMD '74

Hari Narayan of Hyderabad (bmd '74) is back from XIMB where he was teaching QT.

He has returned to the recruiting industry, with Fortuna. Check out his full page advertisement on Page 23 in the September 2004 issue of HRD Newsletter(brought out by NHRD) This time he wants to specialise in niche HR recruitments only !

You can send him a mail at

Friday, September 03, 2004

Google's University Search - Do your bit

Google has recently launched Google's University Search. Google's
University Search enables you to narrow your search to a specific
school website. Try it for things like admissions information, course
schedules, or alumni news.

All the IIT's, IIM's etc are already listed over there. Google is
encouraging universities to nominate them to be added to Google's list of University Searches. But they need a critical number of requests before they do so.

Request you all to follow the following link and fill up a small form
in establishing the XL brand.

Put in the University name XLRI, Jamshedpur and the University URL as (hey waitaminnit, what about ?)

State : Jharkand

Rest, Im sure you can manage

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Ravi Mehrotra - 85BMD -MD (Asia) -Franklin Templeton Investments

Movements at Franklin Templeton

A small item on executive movements in Business India (Aug 16-29, 2004) notes that Ravi Mehrotra, President, Franklin Templeton Investments, India, will take over the India responsibilites of the MD (Asia) of the fund.

Ravi Mehrotra is from the 85BMD batch, and used to be the Sr VP & CIO of Kothari Pioneer when it was acquired by Franklin Templeton.


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