Wednesday, January 30, 2013

XLbang Happy Hours on Friday - Feb-1- Century Club

Dear Xler,

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XLers are blessed with intellect, drive, ambition, connections and exposure; yet very few of us ever use these gifts to create our own enterprises. What stops XLers from making this leap into uncharted waters; where success leads to financial independence, a deep sense of fulfillment, employment generation, and a significant contribution to our country economic progress?
Is it because the outcomes of those who have made the leap are mixed? Is it the lack of inspiration despite the presence of XLers that have started extremely successful companies like Mindtree (N Krishnakumar, BM-81) and Ma Foi (K Pandiarajan, KPR, PM-84). Do our MBAs wire us only to serve large organized behemoths? How do we breakout and follow our dreams?
The XLBang Happy Hours on Feb 1 is a special session on Entrepreneurship to try and find out some of the answers to these questions. I will be hosting a discussion with some of our very own alumni who have made it, making it, and helping make it. The panel includes Bansal (BM-97) who started PurpleLeap with two other XLers (Vinay Nijhawan and Hemanth Somani). He first started with children’s education programs before changing track to finishing schools for college grads. His firm was later acquired by Educomp. Nandi (BM-06) who follows what now seems to be the favoured route of marketing and product management with a leading software company before partnering with a friend to start, an internet start-up aimed at cashing in on the growing market of food experiences.
Bharati Jacob (PM-83) has the envied job of meeting new start-ups every day and evaluating business ideas for investment worthiness. She has invested in some well-known ventures like Vaatsalya, Printo and RedBus; and has an inside track on what drives entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. 
 Are you sitting on the fence with a great idea? Is the economy and business climate right for starting out? Join us to hear from those who have dared to make their dreams come true.
Friday, Feb 1st, 7:00 PM
Century Club (Sampige Village)
Cubbon Park, Bangalore
SMS the following details to  8880006603
< Name>
Eg. Vijaya 08 2
More Details
Dinner @ 200 per pax
Drinks @ 100 per drink
XLBang Happy Hours
Special session on Entrepreneurship


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