Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Venue changed for XLRI UAE Alumni meet

at 7.30 pm on Thursday, 29th April 2010 -

was supposed to be at India Club, Dubai

Change of Venue to
Country Club Hotel Dubai,
Port Rashid Road,
Bur Dubai (old Chelsea Hotel)

Fr.Abraham, Director of XLRI, Jamshedpur, and few of the faculty-members will be in Dubai. The faculty-members who are expected to come are Dr.Jittu Singh, Viji, Fr.George and Sriman. Gango is also in town and is expected to be there.

Some of the students/alumni from XLRI-AIT will also be attending the event.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Invitation for Alumni Summer Meets 2010

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Director and the Institute I am happy to invite all of you along with your family to the Alumni Summer Meet 2010. We are requesting faculty members to participate in the Alumni Meet this year. We really hope and pray that this occasion may provide us with a wonderful opportunity for us to come together and relive the XL family spirit. I am happy to provide the contact details of the Alumni Committee and city wise coordinators of our fist year students. Kindly do not hesitate to get in touch with them for any clarification. The proposed dates of Summer Events are: Delhi-22nd May, Bangalore-29th May, Mumbai 15th May, Hyderabad 29th May, Chennai 15th May and Kolkota 22nd May.

With warm regards from all us at XL
Dr. MG Jomon, Chairperson- Alumni

XLRI UAE Alumni Meet - at 7.30 pm on Thursday, 29th April 2010

XLRI UAE Alumni Meet - at 7.30 pm on Thursday, 29th April 2010
@ India Club, Dubai.

Hi folks,

Quite a long time, no see/no hear…

Fr.Abraham, Director of XLRI, Jamshedpur, and few of the faculty-members will be in Dubai.

The faculty-members who are expected to come are Dr.Jittu Singh, Viji, Fr.George and Sriman.

Accordingly, we will have an alumni meet as per the details in the subject above.

Could you please confirm your attendance (mentioning vegetarian or non-vegetarian) by 27th April 2010 to Margaret Gonsalves:

It will be a non-sponsored event and the expected per head expense will be say Dhs.100/- to 125/-(ballpark) with alcoholic drinks.


PS. Please try and pass the information to those of the alumni whom you know and are unable to access this communication.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

XL USA Alumni Meet

Hi All,
Thanks for making it to the lunch yesterday.
It was a pleasant surprise to meet Dr. Biswas at the lunch.
Here is a short video recorded after the lunch.

Please send your phone numbers to me so I can compile them and send to Dr. Jittu Singh.
Alternatively you can update XLUSA with your details as KNV has loaded a file there.

Please post the photos and send the links. It will be great if we can post on facebook group XLRI Jamshedpur.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring 2010 New York XLRI Alumni Meet - thanks

Good show folks!  

Madhavi and I really appreciate the help from all, and the nice gesture to join in at short notice on a Sunday evening to meet with the visiting Director Fr E Abraham and Dr Jittu Singh.  

I think this year we folks in the New York area have kick-started the 2010 mid-year series of XLRI Alumni meets that usually happens (globally?) over the summer term.   In all 28 XL-lers confirmed and 21 actually made it - 9 of them with spouse and/or family; and a total of 9 kids. There you have it - the real XL spirit :)   

To get an idea of the spontaneity with which folks responded just imagine this - people drove to Edison NJ some with kids, from Baltimore MD (160 miles, 258 kms), King of Prussia (Philadelphia) PA (70m,125 km),  Andover (Boston) MA (hats off to this road warrior who flew in a day earlier to be here missing family time), Voorhees NJ (70m,111km), New Rochelle NY(53m, 85km), and others from all over NJ - Hillsborough, Plainsboro, Toms River, Princeton, Woodbridge, New York City (Staten Island), Jersey City, Weehawken.. did I miss anyone?;)   
On Tuesday evening Chaitanya said 'he feels sad'.  When I asked him the reason he said "everyone has gone now!" :( Yes, the house feels deserted even though it was only a few hours that everyone came to the meet-greet-sip-eat, 

We have lot of spiritual stock left - enuf for another get together anytime. If all agree, we can do it once more this summer, this time on a Saturday late morning/day time - may be by end or mid Aug - a beach outing or a bbq:) Lemme know yr thoughts.  

The photos have been much sought after as well. Can each of you also email me when replying either the photos or the links after uploading them online.  I have uploaded my photos here:

You can access the album and upload your photos as well.  Please do so, or send us your links after uploading to any other photo sharing site

Warm regards,

Venkat Karimanasseri

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shwetank Jain (XLRI'10), selected for DST-Lockheeed Martin honor

via Prof. Shukla:

Shwetank Jain (2010 batch of Xlri Jamshedpur ), Founder/CEO of P2Power, has been selected amongst the "Top 31 Technologies under the DST-Lockheeed Martin India Innovation Growth Programme 2010"

More information about the program here

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tristate (NJ-NY-CT) Alumni meet - Thanks

We had a crowd of enthu xlers who came to meet Fr Abraham and Dr Jittu Singh yesterday. Thanks to KNV and Madhavi for hosting the meet. Though some of us did offer to help, I know both of you spent a considerable amount of planning and executing - before, during & after.  
Thanks to those who could make it. There was an eclectic mix of ages and professions. From the usual Finance, IT and HR to neuro-science and performing arts. From people just married to those discussing colleges for their children to those were congratulated for their just born grand children.  But all warm xlers wanting to know more about others in the tribe. A special thanks to spouses who made it to the event.
There were the usual gasps at the loss of football field. There also was awe and proud at how the institute has grown and the future expansion as  Fr Abraham and Dr Singh shared the plans. Will recommend others scattered around the country not to miss this opportunity as the caravan makes a pit stop in your city.
Take care
Sonia Chawla Jhawar
BM'  05

Thursday, April 08, 2010

XLRI's highest global offer at Rs 60 lakh

From sify.com

XLRI Jamshedpur has recorded a 10 per cent rise in the highest international offer to its students this year. The offer, about Rs 60 lakh a year, is from Novartis. The student will be based in Switzerland in the human resource department of the company.

"This is the only accepted international offer," confirmed a placement committee member. At XLRI, the highest domestic package touched Rs 26 lakh and was offered by a consulting firm for its Mumbai desk. The average domestic package this year stood at Rs 14.2 lakh, a rise of close to 20 per cent over last year’s figures. The median figure for the average domestic salary stands at Rs 12.75 lakh.

The placements attracted 75 companies, which made a total of 205 offers to a batch of 120 business management and 60 personnel management and industrial relations students.

Meet MTV's daredevil Roadie - Anwar Sayed (XLRI 2010)

From rediff.com

Anwar Syed, 24, an Engineer-cum-MBA graduate from Delhi beat Zaid to emerge the winner of MTV Roadies 7.0.
Anwar entered the show purely for the love of adventure and not surprisingly, had the time of his life.
Having been voted out once, the twist in the last episode by Irrfan Khan gave Anwar yet another chance to come on the show for keeps!

Rajul Hegde caught up with Anwar for a brief re-cap of his win. Excerpts:

Thank you.

Did you expect to win Roadies?
I knew that I had it in me to win the title but I got evicted due to bad circumstances. People who were supporting me were shocked when I was voted out. Even I was hoping that if I got one more chance I would give by best. On Roadies, you always expect the unexpected and this was a life-changing twist for me. I am still digesting the fact that I won.

What prompted you to participate in this show?
I have been following Roadies for years and I have enjoyed watching contestants perform the tasks. This show has both adventure and travel which I like the most.
I also always dreamt of taking part in this show someday, but I was too lazy to fill the form and go for the audition. But this year I did it.

Is Roadies a platform to get noticed?
I have no desire to make it big on TV. This experience was the best that anyone could even wish for. I focussed on giving my best and I am happy that I won.
But yes, I do enjoy the kind of recognition I have got from this show. It's a nice feeling when people walk up to me and speak in a mall or on the streets.

According to you who were the toughest competitor?
In Roadies, apart from physical strength you need to have mental strength and strong will power to overcome fear. Personally I feel Amritpal was the toughest competitor because he had the complete package.

Which was the most difficult task you performed on the show?
The toughest task I faced was in Cairo (lion task) it required lot of physical strength. Mohit gave up half way through. I injured my foot but managed to do the task with only one leg.

Did you refuse to do any task?
Yes. All of us refused to do a particular task which involved eating raw animal body parts. We were asked to eat goat testicle in the third level which we all refused.

Did you miss your family during the show?
Not really because I have always been away from my family. I did my Engineering from Bangalore and MBA from Jamshedpur. I did miss them but in a different way because I was not allowed to call them and talk about the show.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Convocation for Satellite Programs

From Times of India

The graduation ceremony for the Satellite programme students of XLRI, the premier Business school of the state, concluded on a encouraging note here on Tuesday with chief speaker for the occasion Sarup Chowdhary, Director and CEO, Reliance Webstore Ltd, giving seven vital tips to the outgoing students.

Chowdhary, while delivering the graduation speech to the 500-odd students at XLRI auditorium, said, "To become a highly successful professional one needs to become a highly ethical person, first." He also said the practice of values incorporated with need-based professional decisions will deliver a durable result to the organization at large and individual in particular.

In his 30-minute-long speech, the CEO of NIS Sparta urged the students to have a high degree of quest for excellence.

"In the highly competitive world of business, CEOs of the day are primarily interested in the ends and not the means but I suggest you all give as much thinking to the means as you give to the ends. This will help you in earning the trust and confidence of subordinates and developing a sound team that will deliver for long," Chowdhary said.

As many as 510 students received certificates in PGCBM (Batches 13 and 14), PGCHRM (Batches 5 and 6) and PGCLSCM (Batch 3).

Earlier, delivering the inaugural address Fr. E Abraham, director of the esteemed institution threw light on the concept of Satellite programme and its increasing demand over a period of time.

"The concept of Satellite programme came into being with the intention of assisting working executives refresh and fine tune their skills and competencies by upgrading and adding values to their procession," he said.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Dr. Singh & Fr. Abraham Bay Area visit - 18 April

Fr E Abraham & Dr. Jittu Singh are stopping over at the Bay Area during their cross country trip.  We have arranged a meetup at Sakoon in downtown Mountain View (on Castro between Dana & California) on Sunday April 18th at noon.  We have a separate room, & you can buy Indian buffet lunch at Sakoon @ $17.99 (+ taxes, tips).  The food is pretty good.  We also get beer or wine at 10% off.  Please confirm if you will attend.

Bios of the faculty are at http://www.xlri.ac.in/scripts/facultydisplay.php?fid=38 &

Sakoon address:
357 Castro St, Moutain View, CA 94041


KP Naidu
Hayagreeva 'Huggy' Rao
Tipu Purkayastha

2010Batch Xler wins MTV Roadies 7.0

From movies.indiainfo.com

In a sudden turn of events, Anwar Syed, one of the 10 contestants evicted from M TV Roadies 7.0, will return on the show and will go on to win the coveted title. The two finalist Meghna Mrignani and Mohit Malik will be in for a rude shock when Syed will enter the show yet again and will go on to win the show. He was evicted from the show two weeks ago. In the finale episode, all the evicted Roadies 7.0 were back on the show. Anwar too re-entered at the last minute. Currently, the three contestants who are in the show are Meghna, Mohit and Gaurav Gill. But the final tussle will be between Meghna and Mohit and Anwar’s re-entry will be a shocker that will be introduced just as the show reaches its conclusion. Anwar has always been transparent in his behavior and has stood by his friends on the show. He has been loyal to his group and had never asked or begged for their support. He has always proved himself in all the tasks assigned to him.

Also on spotthisnow.com

XLRI's GMP Placement "week" at Bangalore (April 7-8)

Hello folks,

for your info - and sharing with prospective recruiters... contacts for more information are:
Dr Kailash +91-9973763211,
Vinay  +91-9162777902

Like earlier years, XLRI is Organizing Placement "Week" at Bangalore for its 1-year full-time Executive MBA Programme (General Management Programme) from April 7-8, 2010 at DBS House, 26 Cunningham Road, Bangalore 560052 Tel: 080-40509200.

The one year GMP flagship programme of XLRI is one of the oldest executive MBA programmes being offered in the country, started in 1997. The average work-ex of the batch of 100 students is around 7.2 years, with half of the batch having average international experience of 2.8 years and the profile of students consisting of professionals from IT, Automobile sector, Banking, Power and Steel sector, Army and Doctors.

Given the nature of the group, the placement is a "rolling" one; so far more than 60 students are already placed, with companies such as Apollo, Tech Mahindra, Biocon, Infosys and Daimler, etc.

For any clarifications on the placement process, please contact:

or by calling members of GMP Placecom:
Dr Kailash L Jiyaldasani (+91-9973763211)
Prannoy Kumar (+91-9661080249)
Please also pass on the information to anyone you think may be interesting in these profiles


Thursday, April 01, 2010

XLRI youngsters are setting an example

From The Telegraph

Jamshedpur, March 26: Twenty-seven-year-old Apoorva Ghosh is looking forward to the month of June.

For, the first-year fellow student of XLRI will be at United Kingdom then, presenting a paper at the 11th International Human Resource Management Conference at Aston Business School in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

The conference on the topic “Emergence of New Economic Powers: Management of Human Resources in the Challenging Global Context” will be held between June 9 and 12.

Apoorva, who is pursuing Fellow Programme in Management at the premier institute here, will read the competitive paper titled “A Contemporary Model for Industrial Relations: Re-look from Global Perspective”.

“This is the first time that I will be presenting a paper at an international forum. It is a matter of great honour. The consequent publication of my paper in reputed journals will boost my teaching career. It will be a great learning experience too,” said Apoorva, who hails from Ahmedabad.

Apoorva has completed his BTech from Nirma Institute of Technology, Ahmedabad, and MS in quality management from BITS, Pilani, and worked for six years before joining XLRI.

Ghosh’s paper attempts to understand what industrial relation is and analyse the ways in which it has been defined and interpreted since its inception.

The article also proposes the existing model in the service economy when there are knowledge workers instead of blue-collar workers, flat team-based structure instead of hierarchy and participative control rather than bureaucracy. The paper finally concluded by testing the proposed model in service sector and comment on its applicability.

Selected papers will be considered for publication in special issues of Thunderbird International Business Review and The International Journal of Human Resource Management.


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