Friday, September 09, 2005

XL Kolkata Regional Alumni Meet - 10th Sept

Hello folks!

This is to inform and invite all - if you are travelling to Kolkata on that day - to join us in the Regional XLRI Alumni Meet being organised by the Kolkata Chapter on September 10th.

Fr McGrath has kindly accepted our invitation to join us from Bhubneshwar and grace the occasion.

The details are as follows:

Date: Saturday 10 September
Venue: Nalbon, next to Nicco Park
Time: 6:30 pm onwards
Cover charges: Rs 400 flat for drinks and dinner (*I think this is for couple - for singles, it will be, I think, around Rs 250-300)
Food: Catering by Rajiv Neeyogi BMD 1974 (one of the founders of "Bhojohori Manna" chain - the latter being the name adapted from the 1970's song - ‘aami sri sri bhojohori manna’)
- Fr McGrath to meet Kolkata alumni;
- Have fun; renew contacts....
- Fr Casimir Raj (current director of XLRI) will also attend (** your truly - and Mr Bushen Raina, National XL Alumni President - 73batch - will also be there)
- There will be a fun-filled quiz on XLRI through the decades, quiz masters from XL vintage;
- Carlton Kitto and his band will be in attendance.

To confirm your participation, please contact:
Surajit Sanyal (75BMD) - 09331935051 -
DP Ghosh (73BMD) - 09830298979 -
Ranjeev Lahkar (00PMIR) - 09830932423 -

Hope to see you all there

Dr Madhukar Shukla
Professor (OB & Strategic Management)
Jamshedpur (India) 831001

Friday, September 02, 2005

XLRI revamps its suite of Economics courses

Students of XLRI Jamshedpur would now be able to get more choices to pursue an MBA in economics. The Academic Council has approved the introduction new courses in the economics Area for BM and PMIR programs from the current academic year. Thus a student from XLRI could take up a major in HR, Finance, Marketing, Operations and systems areas will now have a wider range of courses to choose from in the Economics area.
Recognizing the trends in the private sector where employment of economists is expected grow faster than the existing rate of 36%, courses on advanced economics would be extremely relevant. At the entry level global consultancies, credit rating agencies, portfolio management companies, Banks and IFIs, multilaterals (Bank- Fund and UN family) and bilaterals with private sector portfolios are areas where the roles of managers require a sound knowledge of economics. Senior executives across the world’s largest organizations need to take into account the economic environment across the globe to formulate strategies for global growth.
The various courses being floated are Economic Analysis for Global Businesses, Econometrics, Demand analysis and Forecasting. These are in addition to existing courses on Industrial Economics and Competitive Strategies, Management of Private Public Partnerships, Entrepreneurship and New Ventures and International Business Economics. The courses would be offered to the Business Management (BM) and Personnel Management and Industrial Relations (PMIR) students of XLRI. Recognizing the recent trends of movements of labor across geographies and the new dynamics in labor management, it would be useful for the PMIR students to learn some of these courses. All the courses would be taking holistic perspectives of the global economy. Another trend observed by XLRI was the large increase among its PMIR alumni turning entrepreneurs and thus the courses would be on offer to them too.
The new full time faculties at XLRI for the economics courses are Dr. (Ms.) Suma Damodaran, Dr. Ms Sangeeta. Dr. Suma Damodaran is an expert in Market Structures, Competitive Strategies, Management education and on issues in Economic Development. Dr. Sangeeta is an expert on Econometrics and reforms in Transition Economies. Apart from this a number of noted economists would be taking guest lectures in the various courses to create an enriching learning experience.


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