Wednesday, May 30, 2007

XL Alumni meet in basel on June 16

I am based out of Basel and am planning an Alumni meet for those based in Switzerland on June 16 and if those based in and around Europe could join, that'd be wonderful.

Dear Alumnus,

Further to Prof. Shukla's initiative, I have spoken to a few people and seems like the evening of June 16 (It's a Saturday) is likely to be the date, most of you agree for the Alumni meet to be held. I do not have your contact details (phone number) and hence would like you to email me your availability for the same.

Would really appreciate if you could reply to me by this Saturday (June 2) so I can count on the number of people attending the meet to further plan this out.

Thanks in advance and look forward to your response.

Warm regards,

Nita Balmohan Rajesh
XLRI (Batch of 2008)
Intern, Novartis International

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Delhi Meet - Thank You All

Dear XL Alumni,

On behalf of Batch of 2008.....I would like to thank you all for gracing the occasion....
I hope all of you had a nice time and were able to get a glimpse of old XL days….
We would have liked to thank you individually at the event....but ….

We would especially like to thank Mr. PC Mehra, Prof Madhukar Shukla , Mr. Samrendra, Ms. Gauri Sarin, Ms. Poonam Kapoor and all those who helped us organize the event.....

We would also like to thank all the Xlers who helped us get the sponsorships and make the event a grand success....

Keep XLing!!!

Bineet Singh Vinayak, Anuj Khanna
Alumni Meet Co-ordinators

French tips to boost biz ideas

French tips to boost biz ideas

Jamshedpur, May 28: Continuing with their global expedition, XLRI entered into a tie-up with Bordeaux Business School, France.

The move comes in the wake of XLRI’s attempt to make its curriculum more suitable for catering to the global market.

“In the rapidly changing global business environ- ment, globalisation is the need of the hour. Hence, the need for B-schools to provide their students with a global outlook towards manage-ment. Realising the importance of this, XLRI has been taking rapid strides to make its curriculum truly global and provide its students with a real feel of international management,” said Vineet Jain, secretary of International Student Exchange Programme.

The tie-up would help students of both B-schools through exchange educational programmes. A faculty exchange programme between the two institutes would also be possible.

Ranked as one of the top-ranked B-schools, Bordeaux is among one of the oldest business schools in France.

Another motive behind the tie-up is to provide competent managers to the Indian corporate world.

Moreover, several joint research joint research projects as well as degree programmes with the B-school would also be initiated through this joint venture.

“As part of the international student exchange programme, XLRI is planning to send 26 students this year to various B-schools to spend a term abroad, covering six countries spread across two continents,” said Jain.

This is the highest so far recorded by the B-school in its almost 50-year-old history.

While the tie ups are giving XLRI a chance to expand in the global scenario, the move will also help promote cross cultural learning and international co-operation among both Indian as well as foreign management students.

From The Telegraph

Friday, May 25, 2007

Hyderabad Alumni Meet

Dear All

Times may change but some things will always stay the same…never ending classes… intellectual ly stimulating quizzes and assignments. ..XL Utsav...the wetnights that go on till the crack of dawn…the XL-IIM C meet...the innumerable '__AXIs'... everlasting grax sessions…the view from EL-top...the mouthwatering samosas and jalebis at Dadu's…and our very own symbol of enlightenment, "the Bodhi tree"…
We have all experienced 'XL' at different times…Yet the bond we share transcends generations…Come let's all relive those moments 'XL' style once again…

On behalf of the entire XL Community we invite you for an evening filled with fun and nostalgia on 26th May, 7 p.m onwards at the Taj, Banjara (Anjuman Hall).

You are most welcome to bring along your Significant Other and kids to provide them with a glimpse of the good old times at your alma mater, not to mention the first hand experience of the XL culture!!

The registration charges are as below
Single : Rs 500/-
Couple : Rs 700/-
Family : Rs 800/-

Please cascade the invitation to your batchmates and fellow alumni members. Hoping to see you there…it won't be the same without your presence!

A confirmation reply from your side giving the number of attendees(including you) would be appreciated as it would help us organize the meet more effectively.

Rashmi Bajoria

Bangalore Summer Meet Invite

Dear All,

Its that time of the year again, the time to catch up with the XL family. Time to relive the two years at a small place with a big heart, XLRI.

The batch of 2008, invites you and your family for an evening of fun, frolic, laughter, drink, dance and dinner. The XLRI Alumni Meet 2007, on the 26th of May, at the Royal Orchid, Airport Road. Please be there with your family and friends, and relive the life the XL way.

The invitation is attached. In case of any difficulty, please contact either
Kuru or

Hope to see you there.
XLRI Alumni Association Bangalore Chapter
The Bangalore Alumni Meet Team

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Senior help for new students in B-school

Senior help for new students in B-school
XLRI: Retreading golden past

Jamshedpur, May 22: As the new batch of students enters XLRI this year, they would find themselves being escorted by seniors. However, the intent would not be ragging but familiarising the newcomers to the surroundings.

Such systems can be found in certain organisations also, where an older employee is assigned as the guide or “buddy” to a new staff.

The XLRI students’ body decided to take this step to break barriers in a more friendly and healthy way when new classes for the new batch starts on June 16.

According to this initiative, being taken by the external linkages cell of XLRI, the seniors would act as mentors and guides for the freshers.

In a letter submitted to the authorities, the students have said one or a group of seniors would take on the responsibility of an equal number of juniors and help them in understanding the institute, its functioning and the course structure better. “Such a system was prevailing in XLRI a few years ago, but those days there was more of bullying and it was stopped. But now students have come up with this proposal, which would help break barriers between the two batches in a big way,” said Madhukar Shukla, a faculty of organisational behaviour and strategic management.

The mentoring or guardianship programme would begin with the new students being taken on a guided tour of the campus. Later, it would get into the details of trying to understand the course content better, the nitty-gritty of joining one of the many communities on the campus among others.

From The Telegraph

In corporate corridors

In corporate corridors

Leaving fighter planes and mountain treks behind, for the eight women who were once part of the Indian Defence Services, computers and books have become their new best friends.

For they are currently students of XLRI School of Management in Jamshedpur.

Enrolled in the general management course launched for the defence personnel in January this year, these eight brave women are now part of the XLRI family.

With many experiences to share — be it treating soldiers during the Northeast insurgency or flying a fighter jet — each has a different story to narrate.

“After years we are back to civilian life. It is different but equally hectic,” says Commander Anuradha Kanchi, a naval officer from Vishakapatanam, who has served in the Indian Navy for 14 long years.

Having sailed around almost half the world, it was the need to do more in life that brought Kanchi to the management school.

“I belonged to the second batch of women officers in the Indian Navy and completed my tenure only last year. It was time for me to do something new and a career in the corporate world seemed like the right option,” says the commander.

But is campus life easy for these officers? Major K. Akila, an engineer, who has worked in places like Pune and Hyderabad before moving to the BPO industry, says, “Getting used to it after a long gap is indeed difficult but we are enjoying it.”

Her classmates include Captain Sujata Jha from Muzzafarpur in Bihar, who also has a two-year-old daughter, and Major Gitanjali Chauhan Chakrapani from Dehradun, who served in the logistics department of the Indian Army for seven years. Major Navdeep Kaur from Punjab, who is also an electronics engineer, is the placement co-ordinator for students from the armed forces. “Life in the forces is not easy and I have worked in the most adverse of situations like the terrains of Kashmir,” says Navdeep.

Flight lieutenant Pratibha Sharma and Deepti Gautam, a medico, have many experiences to share as well. While Pratibha, who is also an avid sky diver, has worked in places like Lonavala, Chandigarh and Ladakh, Deepti cannot forget that one day at Manipur when she had to rush into the forest to save soldiers who suffered multiple bullet injuries.

Kavita Rawat, another officer from Dehradun, also shares the memories of her first posting at Chausari in the Northeast. “Every morning we had to carry heavy arms and patrol for almost nine kilometres in the dense bamboo forests,” she says.

But Pratibha does not quite need to illustrate a particular incident, as for her, life at the air force is always an adventure. The other officers could not agree more. However, Navdeep quips in, “Something that is worth mentioning is, unlike the popular belief that women are not treated equally in the forces, we had no problem whatsoever.” Her friends agreed at first but only to differ later.

The one problem is that some soldiers do not like taking orders from women, but actually that is in every profession,” points out Anuradha. “We have to struggle more, as first we have to prove that we are equal to the men and then, better than them,” adds Pratibha candidly.

With only two more months to go at XLRI, these women would bid a final goodbye to life in the forces and walk through corporate corridors. “At the forces we learn a lot. Life has been great there, but one has to move on,” says Sujata.

So, what would they miss the most when their corporate career begins? “Perhaps our uniforms. Even when I looked at my uniform last as it lay hung in the corner of my room, I was full of tears,” says a nostalgic Pratibha.

With great memories as their companion, these women would surely emerge victorious, though the battlefield would be a different one.

From The Telegraph

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Delhi Meet Invite

Dear all,

We hereby invite you to the XLRI-Delhi Alumni meet which is scheduled for the 26th May. The venue for the same is Asiad Towers, Khelgaon, New Delhi.

Please do grace us with your presence and help us try and recreate something from the yester years (we will try to do that). Please do bring your families we will keep them entertained and let them also have a flavor of XL (i.e. if they are not from the XL family itself which I guess is the guess in many occasions).

As another attraction we would be having Prof. Sharad Sarin from Xl for the meet, and also some of the ex-XL faculty who are based out of NCR would also join us for the meet.

Any problems with viewing the invite or any suggestions or queries please call us.

Bineet Singh Vinayak:
Anuj Khanna:

Hope to see all of you there ….
Delhi Alumni Meet Team.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Mumbai Meet

The evening of May 19th at Mayfair Rooms in Mumbai, had all the ingredients of a superb bash - XL Style! But more important than all, was the huge, vibrant XL crowd, which ensured that the evening was lively - way after all the timing limitations :)

We, the batch of 2008, wish to thank each and every member of our very own alumni network, who flew down, cancelled appointments, encouraged us, cheered for the band, had a blast of a time, gave us a glimpse of XL of their days and made us feel very much a part of this huge family.

We also extend our sincere thanks to the following sponsors without whom this meet wouldn't have been successful:

Hindustan Lever Limited
Mercer Human Resource Consulting
Tech Mahindra
Tata AIG Life Insurance
Tata AIG General Insurance

We at External Linkages, the Media Cell of XLRI, take on the responsibility of building the brand of XLRI through various activities and nurturing our strong alumni network is one of our prime responsibilities. As such, we would be very interested in knowing the grievances / suggestions for improvement from all of you who graced the occasion, and we would also welcome any suggestions about how we can improve publicity for XLRI, especially in Mumbai.

Lastly, we would also like to thank the following enterprising souls who made this alumni meet a grand success:

Team External Linkages:
Jesal Doshi, Krishna Chaitanya B, Divya Gawri, Harsh Gupta, Prian S.

Alumni Meet Co-ordinators:
Krishna Chaitanya, Gauravi Dubey, Tushar Kataria, Shivkumar Rohira, Shashank Avadhani, Bharat Rao.

Thanking you all once again

Jesal Doshi
External Linkages,
XLRI Jamshedpur.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Invite to Alumni Meets.. specifically Kolkata on 2nd June

Hello friends!
(from xlJamshedpur and xlCalcutta groups... and to those marked in bcc from Ranchi, Patna, and Bhubneshwar)
This evening, after meeting Mr Prem Sagar and Mr Dicky Mody, I realised that my last mail, apparently, did not reach you.... so here goes again...
I am pasting the schedule/date/ venue of the alumni meets (two of which- in Mumbai and Chennai - must be getting over by now)...but if you are around the other places - Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, - and can join them on 26th - that will be great.
More specifically, I am writing to invite you - on behalf of the Kolkata Alumni Chapter,and the interning students who are organising the meet - for the Kolkata Alumni Meet on 2nd June... from what I undersand, this will be an experience of a life time... an alumni meet on a luxury cruise-liner on Hoogly
You can board at 6:30pm or 8:00pm from the Millenium Jetty
can board off at 10:30pm or 12:30 (am/pm)
But please do try to join us there.... hope to meet you on the cruise
ps: the "damages" - inclusive of the cruise, dinner and drinks - will depend on the sponsorships...but I can assure you, that they will be within - less than - Rs 500/-... please get in touch with the contacts below for any other info:
Kolkata: June 2nd
Venue: Millenium Jetty => Vivada Cruise Liner on Hoogly
Vibhor Mittal
Ram Prasanna
Shivi Gupta
Piyush Chamria

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Leena Nair (92) : first woman member in HLL management

Leena Nair (nee Menon) of 92 batch:
HLL management gets first woman member
16 May, 2007 l0013 hrs IST

MUMBAI: Hindustan Lever (HLL), which is in the midst of being renamed Hindustan Unilever, has announced key changes in its management committee, which, among others, include the appointment of the first woman on its management committee in the history of the company.

Leena Nair (37), who was appointed vice president (HR) in March 2007, has been appointed executive director (HR) on the management committee. Nair, who joined HLL in 1992 as a management trainee, is a gold medallist from XLRI. She has driven a number of HR interventions including performance management, and has done the business partner roles for 6-7 years. Nair will also be the youngest employee to be made executive director.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Networking......Come Together--on the 26th

Hi Folks:
Used to be a time when I was doing my Summers in Bangalore in '75, when 7(seven) XL'ers got together over a beer and some snacks .That was all the XL'ers in Bangalore we could track down then--from Mico, HMT,MSIL ,KSFC andTOMCO.(Bangalore used to be a Public Sector bastion in those days)
Switch to the present and check out the corporates that boast of an XL'er in their ranks today...a truly amazing list.
There will be a host of differing benefits that will accrue from you being there and meeting up for our Annual Bash this year. We anticipate about 300 XL'ers being there, plus their families.
Bangalore is the most "Happening" Chapter and we trust you will have a wonderful evening--filled with nostalgia,happy reunions,surprise encounters,and happenstance meet-ups with folks from....

5E Serpraise
A C Nielson
ABN Amro Bank
Accord Consultants P Ltd
Adarsh Business School
Allegro Capital Advisors
Allergan India
Amalgamated Bean Coffe Trading Company
Apar Infotech
Apar Technologies
Apple Computer
Arvind Brands
Asian Paints
AxA Business Serivices
Bea Systems
Blow Plast
Bodhi Tree Consultants
Cambridge Technology Partners
Camo Software
Carborundum Universal Ltd
Cerebrus Consultants
Citi Financial
Client Logic 13l Eservices
CMG Logica
CMR Institue of Techonoly
Contract Advertising
Crème De la Crème Management Services
CRP Technologies
Customer First
CustomerLab Solutions
Discoveri Education
DSL Software
eCapital Solutions
Eicher Consultancy
Ernst & Young
Escorts Mahle
e-Serve International
Executive Network
EXL Service
Fair Isaac
Fortuna Consultants
Fujitsu Microelectronics
GE Lighting
GE-SBI Credit Cards
Glaxo Smithkline Consumer Healthcare Limited
Global Symphony Software
Goldman Sachs
HCL Comnet
Hewitt Associates
Honey Well Labs
Huresys Network
Hutchinson Telecom
I Cope Techonology
India Resorts Survey
Indus League Clothing
Infinity Technology Investments
Infinity Ventures
Infosys BPO
Institute for Development of Skills
iPeople India
Jain Group Of Institutions
Jet Links Telecom
Jones Lang Lasalle
Kamerad News Advertising
Kandor Solutions Pvt Ltd
Kennametal Widia India Limited
Kott Software
L&T infotech
Logica CMG
Lucent Technologies
M J Consultants
Madura Garments
Maini Materials
Manipal Hospital
Maritime & Mercantile International
Marketics Technologies
Masons & Summers
Max Retail Stores Pvt Ltd
McKinsey & Co
Mercer Consulting
MetLife Insurance
Metro Cash & Carry
Nordson India
Novo Nordisk India Pvt Ltd
P N Venugopal Consultants
Pearl Technology Solution
People 1st Consulting
Percept Customer Life Management
Personnel Search Services
Peter Cremer
Positron Advisory Services
Price Waterhouse Coopers
Procom Technology
Prudential ICICI
Pure Water House
Rada Securities Limited
Raphael Associates
Reliance Retail
Saytam Computers
SBI Capital Markets
Schneider Electric
School Vivekananda Education Centre
SCT Software Solutions
Shaw Wallace Breweries Limited
Silicon Automation Systems
Sonata Software
Spatial Data Pvt Ltd
Spectrum Agencies
Standard Chartered
Standard Chartered Bank
Sun Micro Systems
Sundaram Fasteners
Swiss Re
Symphony Services
Tasa Foods
Tata Infotech
Tata Infotech Limited
Tata Lucent Technologies
Tata Teleservices
Tech Mind Solutions
Telco Construction Equipment Company
Texas Instruments
The HR Practice
The ICFAI Business School
Think A+
Titan Industries
TVA Infotech
UB Group
UTI Bank
UTI Venture Funds
VI Tele Tech Zone
Walt Disney India
William M Mercer
Work Ventures
See you on the 26th...
David D'Costa
__._,_.___ - Home of the Bangalore XLer

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shoeb Ahmed (73 BM) - SAIL's new Director (Commercial)

Shoeb Ahmed is SAIL's new Director (Commercial)

Mr Shoeb Ahmed has assumed office as Director (Commercial) of Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)
14 May 2007 , New Delhi

Mr Shoeb Ahmed has assumed office as Director (Commercial) of Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL). Prior to this, he was Executive Director (Marketing – Long Products) at SAIL's Central Marketing Organisation headquarters in Kolkata.

Mr Shoeb Ahmed joined SAIL in 1974 after completing his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with a major in Marketing from XLRI, Jamshedpur. During his over two decade-long stint in international and domestic marketing, Mr Ahmed has left his mark by being instrumental in implementing several strategic initiatives for improving the company's sales and customer satisfaction. He also held key posts in Human Resource Development and Corporate Planning departments of SAIL. While heading the company's Corporate Affairs Division during 1997-2003, he was at the helm of the communication exercise related to SAIL's turnaround efforts.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

XL Celebrity Watch : Aquil Busrai (72PMIR),

Aquil Busrai (72PMIR),
ED - HR of IBM
has taken over as
the National President of National HRD Network

Alumni Meet in Delhi : May 26th

Dear all,

We (Xlers of batch 06-08 and members of the organizing committee for the Delhi alumni meet 2007) would like to communicate to the alumni that the date for the Delhi alumni meet 2007 has been finalized for the 26th of May,2007. The venue for the same is the
Asiad Towers, KhelGaon, New Delhi.
We would request you all to plan your dates accordingly. Hope to see
you all on the D-day and re-live some of your old memories. Also any queries or any suggestions that you would have, we would love
to address them and take them forward.
Best regards,
Bineet Singh Vinayak,
Anuj Khanna

Saturday, May 12, 2007

XL Alumni Meet @ Mumbai (May 19th, 2007)

Hello Folks!

pl book your dates, inform the friends/batchmates, and join the xlers from across generations with families
May 19th 7pm onwards
The Mayfair Rooms
254 - C, Dr Annie Besant Marg
Mumbai 400 030
Thanks too to the sponsors... AIG/Tata-AIG, HLL and Mercer - and of course to Pepsi and Seagram for the "liquid stuff" - who have been very supportive...
But yeh meet mange more! :)... at least another 25k
Efforts are also on to get the good old XL Band, Bodhi Tree to be there with "XL Ki Kudiyan", "XL Meri Jaan" "GMD" etc.. to be part of the evening... and that will cost about 25K
Any Samaritan soul who can help out, provide contacts, etc. please contact the organising team:
Jesal -
Harsh -
Abhishek Bhattad
Prium Modi
Priya Parul
Saurav Chaudhary
Vineet Jain
(it is a big team in Mumbai... so have missed out on some names)
have fun:0)

Friday, May 11, 2007

XL Ki Kudiyan


The enormous popularity of XL Ki Kudiyan, XL Meri Jaan, GMD, and Sabka Katega across campuses in the country has boosted XL's brand in ways no one has ever thought possible.

You can get to hear both songs this 26th (Sat) at the XLBang Annual Dinner hosted at the Royal Orchid Park Plaza Hotel on Airport Road. Though Bodhi Tree won't be there, we have their lead guitarist, Jishnu ('06) who will pair up with no one less that Rohit Munjal ('03), former XLBanger and the maestro who wrote XL Ki Kudiyan and XL Meri Jaan.

Look forward to some great jamming.

You can hear these songs at:


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

XLRI tie ups with Business Schools

During last couple of years, XL has forged academic cum student exchanges with many universities abroad. Currently our tie-ups for academic and students exchange are with the following institutes:

- Asian Institute of Management at Manila (Philippines)
- Asian Institute of Technology at Bangkok (Thailand)
- EM Lyon Business School (France)
- Malardeen University (Sweden)
- Eichstätt University (Germany)
- Royal Melbourne Instt of Technology (Australia)
- Loyola Business School at Chicago (USA) &
- Victoria University at Melbourne (Australia).

Some others are in the pipeline, which may hopefully bear results in the coming months.

Thanks Prof Madhukar for the information

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Singapore - What a meet it was!

What an evening it was
A`spectacular turn out
We had a record new attendance in a long time... Devina pulled in a few, so did Murali. Thanks guys!
Bimal and Kumar: Welcome to Singapore.

We had all sorts of discussions this time - from cocoa trading, corporate social responsibility to governance in Singapore. The telecom guys speaking of the compensation structures in India and one banker giving tips on Salsa and rollerblading. Add to that some spicy stuff on XL ki Kudiyan and GMD's origins.

When we ended the session at about 12:15am, we had lots to talk about on our way back!
Rajesh Soundararajan

Monday, May 07, 2007

Poem's by Sabyasachi Nag from 92 batch

Hello :

Sabyasachi Nag from 92 batch published his first book of poems early this year with writers workshop. The guys who published Vikram Seth's Mappings.

A review of the book is on the link shown above


Sabyasachi Nag (92PMIR) published his first book of poems early this year with Writers' Workshop.

Sabyasachi Nag, Bloodlines, A Writer’s Workshop Redbird Book, ISBN 81-8157-571-7 hardback (100 Rupees), 50 pages, 2006, Available from Lake Gardens Press, 162/92 Lake Gardens, Kolkata 700 045, India.

The review reads:

Calcutta, India-born Sabyasachi Nag, now a resident of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, represents one of the new, refreshing voices writing poetry today. A poet sensitive to what is happening in the world around him, Sachi Nag writes vividly and strongly on themes that draw from his Indian background, on nature topics, and on current events. His writing is never dull but is full of fresh surprises that reward the reader.

The poet is unflinching in tackling difficult and brutal topics....

Read on...

Saturday, May 05, 2007

XLRI Spreads Wings to Hyderabad


Jamshedpur, May 3 (The Telegraph): Come June 2009, and an XLRI campus would come up in Hyderabad.

Officials of the B-school said they had recently completed the necessary formalities for acquiring 30 acres of land at Alwal near Hyderabad.

The construction work of the new campus is expected to begin by the end of this month and the second campus is expected to start functioning in June 2009. The new campus would be adjacent to the Loyola College in Hyderabad.

XLRI, Hyderabad, is being set up as part of the B-school’s expansion programme. The XLRI here has no scope for expansion due to land constraints.

The Jamshedpur campus is spread across 35 acres.

The dean (academics) of XLRI, P. Venugopal, said the B-school had two options — either to increase the intake at the Jamshedpur campus or develop another. After a lot of analysis, he said, it was decided to start a new one.

The B-school authorities wanted to set up the campus in a major metro. As finding faculty would be a major concern in smaller cities, the business school authorities debated between Delhi and Hyderabad. But the southern city won as Delhi has several management colleges.

Venugopal said talks are also on with the government of Andhra Pradesh to get more land for developing additional facilities.

Apart from the flagship courses in business management and personnel management, the new campus would offer management development programmes (MDP), added Venugopal.

The MDP division at XLRI was established in 1969 to contribute more effectively to the professional development of Indian managers and administrators. Now, the division offers more than 90 MDPs every year.

As Hyderabad is well connected with other parts of the country, said XLRI officials, MBA aspirants wouldn’t find it difficult to pursue management courses from this campus. The city’s air-connectivity would also prove to be a major advantage for the B-school’s new campus.

Posted By Madhukar to XLRI Jamshedpur - News and latest Updates at 5/04/2007 04:46:00 PM __._,_.___

Friday, May 04, 2007

PL Barua new IOC (AOD) chief

From Our Bureau
DIBRUGARH, April 30 – PL Barua today assumed charge as the executive director of the Indian Oil Corporation Limited (Assam Oil Division), which has its divisional headquarters at Digboi. Prior to taking over as executive director of Assam Oil Division, Barua was executive director (Human Resources) at Refineries Headquarters of Indian Oil Corporation Limited for the last one year. Earlier, he was on deputation from IOC to head the human resource function of Numaligarh Refinery Ltd as advisor (HR) from 1999 to 2006, where he established the organisational set-up of the newly formed company NRL and implemented many innovative HR policies and practices.

An alumnus of GUwahati's Don Bosco High School and Shillong's St. Edmund's College, Barua completed his post-graduation in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from XLRI of Jamshedpur. He joined the erstwhile Assam Oil Company Limited as assistant labour welfare officer in August 1970. During his eventful career, Barua has handled many challenging assignments in HR and Marketing. Following nationalisation of the erstwhile Assam Oil Company, Barua played a major role in transition from a private company to a public sector unit.

Another major contribution of Barua has been in setting up the Delhi Public School at Digboi in the year 1996, which was the first branch of the DPS Society in the entire Northeast. He has also headed the division's marketing set-up at Guwahati from 1987 to 1989, covering the major marketing operations in the Northeast.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Singapore - this friday after a long time!

Ok guys and gals

The much awaited SPRING TIME or should we say SUMMER TIME XL Singapore meeting is on FRIDAY 4 MAY


It looks like there will be a good crowd - thanks to amany confirmations from all across the batches....

The reservation is under XLRI ...and this time to be safe from the thunder storms it is inside!!

Please - Pass the word around to those who you think are not on the mail list...thanks to Devina especially for some active effort in roping in her classmates...More the merrier -

Georgie and Bimal are going to grace the occasion with their better halves ! ....That is really so so nice of them What a sporting idea....
...I can hear some people quickly calling .....Hey - that is a great idea - I can bring my partner or friend .. JUST DO IT!!

Hope there are no last minute cancellations -
Vinod - U on right?
Chacko - U still undecided?
Narinder - You back in Singapore? Can join?
Arul Raj - PMIR 84 - Have not heard from him?? - Can someone from the StanChart gang bring him along!!


I have written to Arulraj (PMIR 84), lets hope he can make it. Have also written to Devak Saha (90s batch of BM) and good chances he could join us too.

Kumar Abhishek (PMIR 02) is busy getting hitched in India, so he would not be able to make it. Guess we need to observe a moment of silence as a mark of condolence for his ‘departed soul’ during the meet. J All the best…Kumar!

Kumar Anand (BM 2005) has confirmed his presence as per my earlier mail. After a very successful stint in StanChart (Mumbai), Kumar is soon joining the Capital Markets team in Singapore. Welcome to Singapore!!

Ramesh: Is there anyone else you know in SCB Singapore, not hooked-up already?

Udit Saraff

XLRI - International Seminar "Delearn to Relearn"

International Seminar "Delearn to Relearn"
Redefining the Architecture of Education

Date : 12th May 2007
Venue : Taj Coromandel - Chennai
Time : 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM

Knowledge Xchange in association with XLRI, Jamshedpur, is organizing an international seminar titled ‘Delearn to Relearn’ - ‘Redefining the Architecture of Education’, on Saturday the 12th of May 2007 at Taj Coromandel, Chennai.

Knowledge Xchange is an independent, non-profit organization founded by a group of like minded people dedicated to evolving innovative knowledge, theories, models and ideas in pedagogy and content of teaching and learning, that promotes excellence and quality in the field of education.

The aim of this Seminar is to suggest new ways of learning - teaching and how these ways could be realized in our educational institutions.

Mr. Sam Pitroda, Chairman, National Knowledge Commission, India, would deliver the Inaugural address, other eminent speakers include, Mr. Sachin Pilot, Member of Parliament, Mr. Bhaskar Das, Executive President, The Times Group, Dr. Paul Chan, President, HELP University College, (Malaysia). Rev Fr Casimir Raj S J, Director , XLRI, Mr. G. Gautama, Principal, The School KFI, Mr. Sridhar Rajagopal, Managing Director, Educational Initiatives, Prof. D K Subramanian, President, Foundation for Advancement of Education & Research, Mr. Dilip Ranjekar, CEO, Azim Premji Foundation, Mr. Atul Parvatiyar, President & CEO, Institute for Customer Relationship Management, USA, Ms. Chitra Ramakrishna, Deputy Managing Director, National Stock Exchange, Dr. A. Raman, Charles Stuart University, Australia and Mr. Sarat Babu, CEO, Food King Catering Services. These thought leaders would deliberate on the following issues:

  • Competition: are children being denied their childhood.

  • Mapping the format of education.

  • Motivation & punishment.

  • Wide gaps - developing capabilities for employability.

  • Brilliance Vs burnout.

  • Locking in values.

  • Thinking big - entrepreneurship.

  • Stress out factor Vs success factor.

After each session there would be enough time for open session to clarify thoughts and conflicts.

This seminar would be of significant learning and hence I write to invite you as the Head of one of the premier educational Institutions to participate (no seminar fee) at the seminar.

We look forward to your participation


V A George

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