Sunday, October 31, 2004

"Ensemble" in Business Line

From: Allen Ebenezer Eric 
Meanwhile, hope you have seen the Business Line Media Partnership for Ensemble - we got two ads of a large size on the prominent page 3 for Ensemble in the National Edition, apart from a link on their site ( This was in addition to coverage.
Now, for NITS, Business Standard is the Media Partner. The times have never been so good. Seeing the Business Line ad, the Standard guys got in touch with us, offering a nice deal for NITS... :-) Apparently, their VP is also coming down to XL to meet the batch...  

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Attn BFAXI : Vijay Deenanath Chauhan

From an avid BFAXI member of 99 batch. Thought I would put it on here for others to enjoy.

-----Original Message-----
From: Vikas Joshi

Baap Ka Naam: Deenanath Chauhan
Gaaon: Mauritius!

Jai Bacchan! Hail BFAXI.....
After a wild bash at our place on his Budday.... had the most amazing opportunity! Met the man himself: Up, Close and Autographed!
AB is here. Saw him in a 2 hour shoot at the Port Louis Water Front for the movie "Dil Jo Bhi Kahe".

Dressed in a pin-striped suit, total KBC style, he stepped out of Hotel Labourdonnais for his shot. The magical moment of my life..... Amazing, Amazing......the look, the AB style, the AB smile, God Himself! Crowd to watch the shoot: 10 Indians.

It was a dream come true.... he was just 5 feet away during the shoot!!!!! and for 2 hours Swati, Raghav (now inducted into BFAXI-juniors), and I were watching him in his act! After his shot, approached him for an autograph! got two of them for the record....
Got some amazing snaps of him during the shoot.
Will give you the BFAXI link on my website on request!, don't wanna spam kafir's mailboxes with photos.
Contact me on

AB is gonna be here for another 2 weeks..... !!! So we are gonna be really busy!

Everything that happens to us had a reason: We now know why we came to Mauritius!

Hail Bacchan!! Hail BFAXI!

23 October, 2004: From the BFAXI Correspondent in the Indian Ocean

Note for those before the BFAXi days ---
BFAXI : Bacchan Fan Association at XlrI
There was also a GFAXI - Govinda Fan Association.
in 99 there was great rejoicing by both fan clubs which organised 2 buses to take the entire campus to Payal theatre for a the preview of "Bade Miya, Chote Miya"

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Pune chapter picnic. Saturday.30.Oct.Pik Nik

6 XLrs met on Sunday 24th Oktobre 2004 at Kofi House Moledina Road at 16:00 For reasons of shubhashya-sheeghram It was decided to go for Pik Nik on Saturday 30 Oktobre and plan further shindigs.
ALL are welcome including wife(s) / girlfrend(s / children(s) / friends / friends of friends and etcetras.

Copious Kwantities of natural water(s) are available at PikNik site. Dilip has been drinking this natural water for 18 years and is still alive and healthy. Those who prefer synthetic / sanitary / sanitized / customized water may kindly bring their own water(s).

Also, those who want to eat / drink / smoke (& etc.) may kindly bring their own eating / drinking / smoking materials.

Transport===your own or pile on. Distance==52 km (one way) from Deccan Gymkhana, Pune.

For the purpose, it was decided to meet at Dilip's house at 11:00 am on saturday 30.Oktobre, from where we shall proceed for PikNik. Dilip knows some dandy caves near Kamshet, which is located about 10 minutes klimb from where U park your car/bike.

Do not fear the klimb bcoz there are stairs right to the top. Topis & drak glasses are recommended.

Many Large Caves have been created by followers of Our ancestor==Lord Buddha thousands of years ago.

The caves are big enuff for fifty people to sleep in shade. So do not fear the Sun & heat.

We can eat+drink and make merry and plan further corpo shindigs.
all R welcome.

For locating Dilip's house, the address is
Dilip Bam
1-Sonali Apts. Ground floor
6th Lane, Prabhat Road
Pune 411 004
Location of house==There is a FOODWORLD on Bhandarkar Road.
Adjacent to Fooodworld there is a Lane perpendicular to Bhandarkar road going inside which joins Prabhat Road.
Enter this lane and go towards prabhat road, and take the FOURTH left turn (which is after the yellow YELLOW PMC Dustbin). After the fourth left turn, the second bldg on LHS is Sonali Apts. From the road You can see the name SONALI writtin in Devnagari skript.
As you enter staircase, Dilip's house is the first one on LHS on grd. flr.

Following are the partiQlars of the six people who met on 24/10 for kontaktos----------->

1>Krishnan--Now with Mahindra in Bombay but comes every weekend.
2>Ajay Namboodiri--Head Hunter
3>Raj Swaminathan --CEO Indus Software
4>Salil Raghavan--BPL Mobile
5>Dilip Bam
Unemployed=Doing MDPs on Communication / Leadership & Team Building (outbound) / Freelance teaching at MBA Insties.
6>Amit Garg -- Upside Learning

best wishes
Dilip Bam

Excellent Xler

To mark the 100th birthday of J.R.D.Tata,
a citizen, a manager, and a gentleman, par excellence,
whose motto is to "Strive for excellence" is calling all
its alumni to cast their vote for the
You choose one of the alumni to be the Excellent XLer of the Fifties or
Sixties or the Seventies or the Eighties or the Nineties and send
the five names of the persons, the year of their graduation and
your reason for nominating them.
The online polls close on Sunday, November 7 and the names of the
honoured by their peers will be announced on Wednesday, November 10. The

Awards will be given on Saturday, November 20, 2004 during the First
International Homecoming of the XLRI Alumni.

Hey, I graduated in the 90's if u r stuck on whom to nominate in that

XL NITS in News

From: Madhukar Shukla


XLRI to host seminar on IT verticals on November 6-7
our bureau

Jamshedpur, Oct 22 XLRI, the premier B-School, is to hold the 6th
annual convention on information technology on November 6-7.

Called the National IT Seminar 2004 (NITS) the two-day meet organised by
the B-School’s student body ‘SOCRATES’ has “IT in industry verticals” as
the theme of the convention.

According to Prof Ashis K Pani of XLRI, “Through the seminar NITS aims
to bring forward the latest developments in information technology,
their implications for business and the ways in which businesses can
leverage these technologies to achieve competitiveness”.

The verticals which would be addressed include banking and financial
services, organized retail, telecommunications, manufacturing and human
resources horizontal.

The two-day event shall witness the presence of Kiran Karnik, president,
NASSCOM, who is to preside over the inaugural ceremony. Industry
technical heads, users and consultants from Microsoft Corporation, Tata
Consultancy Services, IBM, Cognizant, ICICI Bank, Wipro, Ernst & Young,
Infosys, Verizon, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Patni Computer Systems,
Hindustan Petroleum, Tata Steel, Cummins India and TRAI would also be
part of the conference.

According to Gaurav Bhatnagar, secretary, SOCRATES, the unique selling
point (USP) this year is the face-off concept being adopted which, in a
problem-solution format would mean that speakers from both IT end-users
and IT solution-providers would collaborate to make it seamless


Reuniting India with Bharat, XL-style...

-----Original Message-----
From: Allen Ebenezer Eric 
 XLRI getting big heads together for `Conclave'

From The Hindu Business Line, Tuesday, October 26, 2004 

`The idea is to bring together a wide range of interests, each represented by persons who are stalwarts in their chosen fields.'

Jamshedpur, Oct. 25: 'REUNITING India with Bharat' has been chosen as the theme for XLRI's latest initiative on connecting people, pithily called `Conclave' and billed as the first attempt of its kind by the Jamshedpur-based business school.

Opinion leaders of various hues, cutting across social and economic lines, have been invited to put their minds together with a view to creating what Fr Casimir Raj, Director of XLRI, thinks will emerge as `thinking planks' for policy-makers.

The target group includes such well-known personalities as Mr Anna Hazare, Mr M.S. Swaminathan, Dr Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Mr Deepak Parekh, Ms Amrita Patel and even the Finance Minister, Mr P. Chidambaram. Many others, including a few who are big names internationally, have been written to as well.

But why choose such a theme as a starting point? Why is there at all a need to fuse India with Bharat? The XLRI authorities respond to the question by simply referring to the divide that exists between the rich and the poor, the literate and the illiterate, urbanites and rural folks.

"We wanted to focus on a theme that is all-pervading, one that affects each of us in some way or other. India and Bharat are concepts that often divide some of us from the rest of our countrymen," indicates Fr Raj, who has recently taken over as the director. XLRI has even thought of involving overseas organisations such as UNIDO in the Conclave, he added.

The idea is to bring together a wide range of interests, each represented by persons who are stalwarts in their chosen fields. While there had been efforts at bonding with diverse interests earlier, the canvas is larger this time.

The immediate plan, however, is the publication of something akin to a position paper. XLRI hopes to host a Conclave every year at its sprawling campus, building each around a distinct theme. Read Story On The Net

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

NITs coverage in Press


Here are the details of the press coverage of NITS till now.

Hindustan Times, Eastern Print Edition , 16 October
Times of India, Eastern Print Edition, 20 October
The Hindu, New Delhi Print Edition, 21 October
The financial express, National Edition,

Kindly forward this to concerned people along with my earlier invitation to help us with delegates.

Gaurav Bhatnagar

Thursday, October 21, 2004

My job blog

Hey, check out my new blog for MBA related jobs. They are mostly HR jobs
and 99% different from those on xljobs. Copy and paste in your browser or click here

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Grandma's operation successful

Thank you to everyone who prayed for my grandma. She was taken into the operation theatre finally at 3:00PM IST yesterday. She was brought out at 5:30 PM. The doctor has inserted 3 stents in her heart. The procedure was successful. They removed the tube at midnight yesterday and by today morning, she was brought to the room. If things move smoothly, we can bring her home by Friday. There arent too many complications in post operative in a case like this. So thanks to all ytour prayers, grandma is doing well.

Thank you once again from everyone in the Aranha family.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Invitation to National IT Seminar 2004

The Annual Convention on Information Technology of XLRI, Jamshedpur is being held on November 6-7 this year. The theme of this 6th Annual IT Conference, called the National IT Seminar 2004 shall be "IT in Industry Verticals". Through this, NITS aims to bring forward the latest developments in information technology, their implications for business and the ways in which businesses can leverage these technologies to achieve competitiveness.

The National IT Seminar is a part of the SOCRATES initiative towards promoting technology as a prime driver of change and aimed at bringing the academia and industry in sync with each other.

The conference shall have sessions, each focusing on a vertical. In this year’s conference we are incorporating the industry vertical (or users) perspective as well as the solution provider (or IT company) perspective.

The verticals are:
• Banking and Financial Services
• Organized Retail
• Telecommunications
• Manufacturing
• Human Resources Horizontal

More details are available on the website

What’s in it for you?

NITS 2004 will give you a chance to interact and get involved in the unique face-off between end users and solution providers.

The conference this year will focus on the integration of Information Technology in Business Processes. The conference will bring out how synergies can be derived using IT when it is used in sync with other areas like marketing, finance, operations, human resource and not just as a support function. This conference will take you through real-life examples of leveraging IT solutions to solve specific business problems. In addition, there are various contests organized

Key Highlights of NITS

Keynote Speaker
Mr. Kiran Karnik
President NASSCOM

Unique Format
• Face-Off, A unique format that brings speakers from both the solution provider (IT) companies as well as client companies in a Problem-Solution approach.

Separate Sessions
• Banking and Financial Services
• Organized Retail
• Telecommunications
• Manufacturing
• Human Resources Horizontal

• Industry technical heads, users and consultants from Microsoft, TCS, Cognizant, ICICI, Wipro, E&Y, Infosys, Hindustan Petroleum, Cummins India, etc.

• Contests for students with prizes more than Rs.70,000 to be won.



Zee India's best - help 4 an xlers cousin

Sarwar Ahuja is a cousin of Nitin Bajaj, XLRI 2001. Sarwar's currently in 3rd place. Need more alumni to help, if they are so inclined. Below is a petition from Nitin himself.

-----Original Message-----
From: Nitin Bajaj []

Dear all,

This is a request for your assistance..... my cousin has reached the
Semi-Final round of the Zee TV Film Star Quest.... and I would really
appreciate it if you could please vote for him on the web site .. This may help him to get to the number one position as now the competition is left to the people and audiences (and alumni networks!) :-) .. no more judges .. I request each and every one to please pass your vote... each and every vote is valuable for his success.... just click on the link below select the check box next to his name and press submit.... His name is Sarwar Ahuja and place is Hyderabad....

Thanks a lot!!!!


Nitin Bajaj

A little prayer, please

My 82 year old grandmother was supposed to have an angioplasty done yesterday. Something went wrong with the machine and the procedure could not be completed. They left the tubes inside her saying they would complete the procedure today. The part of the machine they replaced worked fine but something else gave trouble.

We dont know when we can get this done next, because she insisted that the tubes (sheath) be taken out of her. So shes now resting peacefully but we have to complete this procedure sometime soon and she may not agree to it after all the pain she has been through.

If you are reading this page, then all we ask for is to say a little prayer for her. It doesnt matter whom you pray to. Just please spare a minute to pray for Maria Magdalene Aranha so that her angioplasty can be performed properly and that the blocks in her heart clear up. She is otherwise quite healthy and has a zest for life. All she needs is as many prayers as she can get.

Thank you
from every member of our family.

ps: If any xler would like to request a prayer for any member of their family, please mail me with the details, I would be glad to put it up here on this blog

pps: the machines r still giving trouble. so we have brought her home for now. waiting for the doctor to give the go-ahead before taking her back.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Reunion Letter from National President. Nov 20, 21 at XLRI

Dear Friends:

The XLRI Alumni Association is going to hold a reunion on November 20 and 21, 2004 at XLRI.  I am herewith reproducing below the official invitation from our National President.  I would request you kindly to circulate this among your own egroups.  I am sure you would not like to miss the fireworks at the symposium and also the excitement on the 19th hole of the golf course!  Do come and spend the weekend renewing sweet, old campus memories.

Thanks for your help,

Secretary, XLRI Alumni Association

4th October 2004

Bushen Raina
National President
XLRI Alumni Association
Dear Excellors,

In continuation to my communication in the month of March '04 to all the Excellors, the XLRI Alumni Association has been planning to hold a reunion of the alumni in Jamshedpur as an annual feature of the Excel Calendar.

Accordingly, In conjunction with the Jamshedpur chapter of the Association we have planned to have a panel discussion on the subject "Ethics in Business is an Oxymoron" on the 20th of November 2004. Mr. Azim Premji of Wipro and Mr. Suhel Seth of Equus Red Cell have agreed to be with us to share their thoughts on the subject.The day will also include discussions on the goals of the association, interaction with students and faculty besides the panel discussion as the core component of the re-union programme. For all to share some lighter moments together, we have also thought of a golfing session on the morning of 21st November 2004 followed by lunch and prize distribution.

Kidly block the above dates and let us know about your travel plans. Also communicate the plan of the programme to as many Excellors as you can.

In the meanwhile, Fr. Casimir Raj, Director XLRI, has agreed to visit the different Chapters, along with me for meeting the alumni, which will also provide an opportunity to know what possibly can be improved upon in the programme. It would help if you could indicate a date in this month itself which suits you for such a meeting.

Looking forward to an enjoyable meeting of all the Excellors, past and present.

Warm Regards,

Bushen Raina

PS : Draft of the programme

20.11.04 XLRI
Discussion on goals of the Association
Interaction with Students
Interaction with faculty
Panel Discussion
Entertainment & Dinner at Beldih Club

21.11.04 at Golmuri Club
Prize Distribution

Monday, October 11, 2004


Posted courtesy Dipta of the 99 batch

Some names have been changed to protect the identity of the xlers in question

Dusting the cobwebs off my memory, if I go back to those harrowing days of February 1999 when we hurried along the corridors of the men's hostel trying to get placed, the most popular question the recruiters asked seemed to be the one we had least knowledge of but were best prepared for... WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF FIVE YEARS FROM NOW?

In between the urges to be honest ("I don't have a fucking clue..."), flamboyant ("With Catherine Zeta Jones in the Bahamas..."), conservative ("heading a division to achieve its topline and bottomline targets...") and ambitious ("On the other side of the table, buster...") - we managed to croak out some inanities about value-adding to self & organisation, shifting
some paradigm, building customer value and hey! They must have believed us... since Eco Times and BS all gushed that XLRI students were snapped up in two days flat!

But, truthfully, did we really see us five years from now?

Did the bohemian UC see himself still handling bottles?

Did the ladies' man Chat realise that he would end up following the
movements of a married woman early in the morning?

Did M realise that she would eagerly await the arrival of a man at her doorstep every Saturday night?

Before you guys get all envious of these people who appear to be setting the social circuits into a tizzy, let me quickly clarify that their present pre-occupations are much mundane than they sounded... UC's multiple bottles have resulted from feeding his six-month old son at three-hourly intervals (or some such complex algorithm), the married woman in Chat's life (with full knowledge and consent of his wife) is the bai and M's man for the weekend is the friendly neighbourhood DVD wallah...

Interestingly, the ads which the Class of 1999 have completely loved cease to be the Bacardi-Pepsi-Axe varieties... Instead they seem to be completely taken by Asian Paints (at this point, Har Home Loan Kuch Kehta Hain...), Saffola (the one in which the guy goes for a jog and eats bhelpuri instead!) and of course Manhattan Credit Card!

In fact, having been part of several name-deciding focus groups in the recent past, my entire friend circle has agreed unanimously that I am the guy who suggests the name Ghatotkach!

Campari to cholesterol, Insomnia to insurance plans... the Jalebi batch seems to screaming and shouting as it gets dragged into the cohorts of old people.

Earlier, we were mortally scared of pretty girls calling us bhaiyya, now we have to contend with being called uncles... yes, I am told this epidemic is spreading beyond Kaku nowadays.

As I type this, I hear a colleague in the next cubicle, trying to
distinguish between the prices of a Singapore cruise - one option has a room with a balcony, the other is a room with a picture window... Five years ago, I would have got extremely jealous at the good fortune of this guy. But now, I have the knowldge and maturity to know that it cannot be for himself but for the distributors who have won the Saffola contest in Quarter II...

May God give us the wisdom to see yourselves five MORE years from now! Have fun, all of you!


Saturday, October 09, 2004

1984 Batch re-union

From: Sankaran P. Raghunathan
Sent: Thursday, October 07, 2004 9:34 PM

This email is meant for the batch of 84. Here is a survey on our 1984 batch Reunion. Please take this survey by clicking on the link below:

Your response will help us to plan our reunion better.

Please pass this email to all our batch mates. I had only a few emails IDs with me.


Sankaran P. Raghunathan, PhD
Chairman, Blueshift
21 Abdul Razack St., Saidapet
Chennai 600015, India
web :
We deliver Online Employee Relationship Management
and Student Relationship Management Solutions. Visit to see our products.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

XLRI presents Ensemble 2004. Oct 15 -17

Ensemble – The annual management festival of XLRI Jamshedpur is back this year with a bouquet of events under the different functional areas of management. This inter B-school festival witnesses excellent participation year-on-year from students of all reputed Business Schools across the country.

The unique design of games and contests in each of the functional areas like marketing, finance, strategy, IT/operations & HR attracts the best talent from top B-Schools to take up the challenge and prove that they are the best!

Started in this format in the late 90s, Ensemble has grown every year by leaps and bounds fuelled by the encouraging response to the three-day event.

For further details contact…

Contact Addresses:
General Secretary,
Students Affairs Council,
CH Area (E)
Jamshedpur 831001
Phones: 0657-225506

You can register by clicking on
  • XLRI Ensemble - Register

  • or paste
    in your browser

    Wednesday, October 06, 2004

    What's On at XL ?

    The National IT Seminar in XLRI was inaugurated by the NASSCOM chief, Kiran Karnik...

    XL inaugurated the "Center for e-Business" - and it was inaugurated by Asim Premji...

    XL had its first round of an (re)envisioning exercise - perhaps the only B-School to do this on this scale - a month back in which the MDs of ITC/Tata Steel/Usha Martin/ British Oxygen/Timken/Tinplate, etc. (our board members) & Partner (E&Y), CEO (Blueshift)/VP-HR(Seagram), etc... along with the director, dean, GSec, a select faculty and students spent One Full Day - it was facilitated by BCG chairman, Arun Maira...

    Obviously, you will appreciate that the vision of an organisation, does not evolve overnight it has to go through many iterations through various stakeolders... So stay tuned for more developments.

    Kray publishes a paper!

    Kaushik Ray of PMIR '98 currently working in the Organization Effectiveness group of Infosys HR, has published a paper as a part of "Emerging Asia - An HR agenda" for the International HRD Conference 2004 !

    Congrats Kray !

    Premu in Vegas

    Professor Premarajan is off to the US where he is presenting a paper on "Construct Validity in Assessment Centre : Comparison of 2 Assessment Designs" at the Prestigious 32nd International Congress on Assessment Center Methods from Oct 5th to the 8th

    Take a look at how Prestigious it is.

    Tuesday, October 05, 2004

    XL Utsav - Celebrations Abound

    Reporting from XLRI after a sleepless night on the JLT – it’s most amazing to be alive.

    A weekend of a triumphant victory over IIM-C was followed by another of fun and merriment, music, games and food as the faculty, staff and student all alike came together on the first day of XL Utsav.

    The brainchild of Dr. S. Sengupta, the initiative took off with a nod from Fr. Casamir Raj, the new Director, who was enthusiastic about the prospect of having neutral ground for all the members of the XL Family to meet. Although XLRI as a B-school has a culture quite distinct from other B-Schools, (mostly due to its setting in the small town of Jamshedpur), this two-day affair is a formal event to facilitate the informal interaction and develop the culture into a stronger bond.

    The events kicked off at 9:20 a.m. yesterday with an inaugural session. Fr. Casamir Raj the chief guest for the occasion addressed the crowd. This was followed by a speech by Fr. James, who was the special guest for the same. The ribbon was cut, some sweets distributed – XL Utsav was on its way.

    The first event of the day was for the children. A football match was held. At the end of the game, the scores stood tied with 1 goal apiece.

    A cricket match between two mixed teams (A & D) comprised of faculty, staff and students was the next to be held. The sun beat down on the grounds – however enthusiasm did not waver and the teams, with the support of people on the sidelines hollering, played on. The winner at the end of the match was team A.

    This was followed by a Ladies’ Throwball match. This proved to be a huge success. The women on campus (students, faculty and their families) not only got a chance to show off their atheletic prowess, but generated an immense amount of excitement and also a lot of amusement, over the game itself. It was definitely one of the most enjoyable moments of the day when the women proved the point – they could play their game and play it great!

    After lunch, the second cricket match between teams B & C were played. As is bound to happen after a full meal on a hot afternoon, most of the crowd petered out in favour of an afternoon nap. However, the teams played boldly in face of the sun – letting neither heat, nor sweat nor grime come between them and their love for the sport. At the end of the day, the score stood in favour of Team C.

    As the clock struck four – people started pouring into the JLT. All over people were busy settings up stalls. On one hand were the food-stalls full of yummy goodies – a healing sight for most of us ever-hungry students. On the other hand were the games. From darts, to guessing games to the shooting balloons – it was grand fete! Of course the most novel game was that of the chick race organized by the students of the GMP batch of 2004-2005. Men had the ‘birds’ eating out of their hands!

    As the evening drew on, the XL Family felt no need for anything other than more enjoyment. SPICMACAY organized a cultural musical evening featuring the in-house talent. Showcasing the likes of Mrs. Ray, with the gorgeous voice, Payel with her violin and Vijay Shankar’s classical melodies, it was a grand affair and a huge success.

    Not wanting to end the evening, the melodies turned lighter and the air was soon filled with catchy foot-tapping music as an orchestra accompanied singers that belted out numbers to keep the crowd entertained. A poem had the crowd in splits while a dance had them enthralled. Budding talent was spotted in the form of Shruti and Manasi, who played three of their original compositions. (Can we a have another performance of that soon ???)

    As the weary faculty trudged towards a night’s sleep, and another jam-packed day, the students, not having enough of all that and Dr. Rao and Fr. James’ Housie and Dr. Sarin and Ms. Roshan’s quiz – decided it was a night to not waste in end but to make most of time. So the music played on….

    And so, sitting here after sleepless night at XLRI, I reiterate – it’s most amazing to be alive!

    Posted by Mononeeta Law on her blog
    Ive reposted it here with the link, because it did not have a unique url, so this is for the greater good. hope Misha doesnt mind

    Saturday, October 02, 2004

    Xpress for Undergraduates

    Hi all,
    Xpress is an event organised by EL for exclusively for Undergraduate College students, primarily to increase "brand presence" of XL among potential students. The winners get an all-expense paid trip to visit XL during Ensemble...

    Started in 2002, this year's event is the third edition... and a new format of having the entire game online has also been introduced only this year. (Complete game details are at

    This year, Xpress has made quite a splash due to two reasons:
    1. Distribution of posters by XLers across the country during the Term break to Colleges and Coaching centres such as IMS and Time.
    2. Banner ad in IMS' website,
    3. Media partnership with The Hindu Education Plus has ensured very good presence across the South, with tremendous participation from there. [An advertisement and writeups in the paper (, apart from a banner ad in The Hindu site (]

    Xpress, the three-stage game, is on currently and will be up till October 2.

    With warm regards,

    Allen Eric
    External Linkages Cell
    XL Batch of 2005

    Friday, October 01, 2004

    Fernie Cracks the "Challenge"

    Rohit Fernandes ("fernie" BMD 2000) thrashed the IIMC Team on CNBC's corporate quiz show "The Challenge" as member of the ABN Amro team

    You can congratulate him on

    "Acumen" open to B School Alumni too.

    This year "Acumen" is open for t b-school alumni too. Maybe there can be a huge assembly of xl alumni at each city. Maybe we can even have an alumni get-together at the respective locations in cal, mumbai, bangalore & Delhi.


    ----- Original Message -----


    Its that time of the year once again - time for Acumen 2004. This time, apart from the usual quiz for B-Schools, we also have a set of very special quizzes for B-School alumni. It is a chance for corporate executives to represent their old B-School once again, and win some very exciting prizes in the bargain. No hassle of forming teams or an entry fee - just land up at the venues mentioned below (the Mumbai round is on October 8 at S P Jain, starting 6:30 in the evening - please note) and take part in the written elimination by yourself. We promise you a great time.

    Acumen - The National Level B-school Challenge from Business Today and The Aditya Birla Group, in association with Tata Consultancy Srvices will, this year, host a Quiz competition for all B-school Alumni currently employed in India.

    This is your chance to beat old rivals and win fabulous prizes.

    4 Zonal Rounds:-
    Mumbai - 8th October - S.p. Jain Institute of Management & Research
    Delhi - 29th October - IIT Delhi
    Bangalore - 19th November - Sathya Sai Sadanam, Hosur Road
    Kolkata - 3rd December - Kala Kunj Theatre, Shakespeare Sarani

    You may register by sending your details (with contact number) at
    or you may register on the spot.
    Written elimination will be at 6:15 pm. Solo entry. Top 8 scorers will be paired to form teams for the on-stage round.

    Finals - Delhi - FICCI Auditorium - 20th December


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