Saturday, October 25, 2008

XLRI Prof D Israel Publishes Book

News from Prof Shukla :

Book Available at : Sage Publications

XLRI's Prof D Israel's book on Data Analysis in Business Research: A Step by Step Nonparametric Approach has been published by Response Book, Sage Publications.

While most books of data analysis focus, the jacket describes: "on parametric tests, the domain of nonparametric tests is mostly unexplored. brings under one umbrella all the major nonparametric statistical tools that can be used by undergraduate and postgraduate students of all disciplines, especially students of Research Methods in Social Sciences and Management Studies, in their dissertation work.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"XL-Dream-Run" - Pledge/Contribute for a cause (XLRI Social Entrepreneurship Trust)

Hello Folks!
Seeking your help/ contribution for The XLRI Social Entrepreneurship Trust:
through XL Dream Run (Nov 16th, '08):
(organised by XLANC, XL Sportscom, CII's Young Indian Chapter @ XLRI, & XLRI Alumni Association)
- 240 XL students (including a few faculty!) have registered to participate in the XL Dream Run for this cause
- Paypal Account is in place
- We even have some "Early Donors" who have given us a head-start with a kitty of $600+ !! :0)
The Cause:
The XLRI Social Entrepreneurship Trust is supporting 3 Social Entrepreneuship Ventures by XL students who have decided to take the "road less travelled" as a career option. These are nascent ventures, currently in the form of partnership firms. We are trying to provide them support through the initial incubation loans (thanks to the Rs 10.5lac contributions received from the XLRI batch of '81 and from the Jamshedpur Alumni Chapter)
The details of the social venture projects approved to be funded by the Trust are available at:
Briefly, these are:
- Parichay: a venture to connect the rural/tribal artisans & craftsmen to the market. It was covered here earlier this month:

- Swavalamban: a venture to use "ox-driven generator" (patented technology) to provide electricity to rural India. It was covered here a few days back:

- Dreams4Others: a venture to use online market-surveys to provide funds to NGOs.

To raise funds for these and other future activities of the XLRI Social Entrepreneurship Trust, we are organising the XL Dream Run ( , during the 5th Annual Alumni Homecoming (Nov 15-16), where the students will run for the cause, and the alumni can pledge money for the cause.

Thus this mail and a plea... If you can contribute (whatever amount) it will be our pleasure to have your name at:

Please also help us out by communicating/ pleading/ coercing/ blackmailing your bachmates or other xlers - even non-XLers - to contribute ;)
This will be one of its kind event - and we also look for you help for Corporate Sponsorship, Media Coverage, etc.

thanks and cheers


Sunday, October 19, 2008

XLER Live on Radio (93.5 S FM)!

Ankur Saboo will be live on Radio (93.5 S FM) today from 12 noon till 2:00 PM for a program called "Prayaas".

He will be talking about the social entrepreneurial venture that has been developed by three seniors (BM 07-09); Ankur Saboo, Abhilash Soman and Anand Raghavendran.

Swavalamban is a business venture that is being taken up by a group of senior students of senior students of XLRI. It is about an ox driven generator to help electrify rural villages that are too far away from the National Grid for conventional electrification. They have been working on the concept and have developed the working product. They had given a presentation to NGOs that visited XLRI on 17th October. Following are the links and snippets of news articles about the presentation.

Chapeau Prof shukla

XLRI invites social organisations & startups in placement

From The Economic Times

JAMSHEDPUR: XLRI School of Business and Human Resources here will invite Social Organisations and Startups to participate in the placement process titled "Initiative for Social and Entrepreneurial Leadership" (ISEL) from next year.

ISEL is being implemented jointly by XLRI's placement committee. "The Social Initiative Group for Managerial Assistance" (SIGMA)- a committee which works with the social sector- and CRESCENT (committee for research, strategy, consulting and entrepreneurship - a committee devoted to promoting entrepreneurship.

Appreciating the latest initiative by the students as a commendable one, the director of XLRI, E. Abraham said ISEL is a process that aims to give interested students the opportunity to apply their managerial skills in the social sector and in freshly started organisations.

The students were willing to opt for creation of jobs and wealth for the country rather than working for a company, he said while extending XLRI's support for the initiative.

Abraham expressed confidence that ISEL will give the students the opportunity to contribute to society in a meaningful way as well as help them apply their classroom knowledge in the social context as well in an entrepreneurial venture.

ISEL is set to happen as a separate process one week before the regular placements with only students who are willing to sacrifice a more glamorous and better-paying internship in the corporate sector taking part in the process, he said.

XLRI powers rural life

From The Telegraph

Jamshedpur, Oct. 17: After helping in cultivation, oxen will aid in generating electricity to light village households.

The Swavalamban project of students of XLRI tells this and much more.

The team of three — Abhilash Somen, Ankur Saboo and Anand Raghvendra — all business management students, has developed an animal powered prime mover (generator) where mechanical energy can be converted to electrical energy will the help of oxen.

The students today invited eight NGOs of Jamshedpur to present the idea before them.

The concept of the project was born when the students visited some villages last year as part of their curriculum.

“When we visited the villages last year, we thought of doing something constructive. We began our research that time. The technical specification is not completed as yet. The project would benefit the villagers as it is low on cost compared to solar energy,” said Ankur.

The generator consists of a shaft, a bearing, a battery and CFL lamps. The shaft attached with the generator has to be rotated by an oxen to charge the battery connected to it, generating electricity.

A generator is connected to a battery of 44 lamps that can light up four houses. A single generator can also be connected to three generators or more. Electricity will be generated depending upon the power of the batteries.

The students have presented their project before Tata Motors and will be working in a village near Rakha Mines.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Jayanti "Jonty" Rajagopalan (95PMIR) in BBC World's India Business Report

Jayanti "Jonty" Rajagopalan (95PMIR) has started her own company - Detours India currently focused on Hyderabad in particular.

Detours India offers Historical, Slice of Life, Culinary and Arts & Crafts tours of the city.

The Culinary tours that she organizes was covered on BBC Worlds's India Business Report.

Watch the clip on youtube.

Or watch it directly here :

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Beware : Shyam Sundar Soundararajan - claiming to be an Xler

Some character who calls himself Shyam Sundar Soundarajan has been calling up Xlers claiming to be an Xler and stranded without money. He then asks them to transfer money to the account of a friend with ICICI. This has happened a couple of times over the last few years. Some of the original mails are reproduced below.

Please beware of anyone calling themselves Shyam Sundar Soundarajan and requesting a transfer of money to an ICICI account.

The person may be getting information from facebook or orkut profiles.

Incident 1:
from Udit Sureka (2007 batch - incident happened 11 Oct 2008)

"Got a call from a pune STD booth from someone supposedly from the 2002 batch by the name of Shyam Sundar Soundararajan. Poor guy had lost his wallet in the Mumbai local (in Mumbai to get VISA stamping done, Working with Microsoft in Sydney he says) and is now in Pune. Trying to buy a ticket to Bangalore.

He has apparently managed to get in touch with ICICI bank branch employees and they have put him in touch with a Mr Pradeep Avachar (ICICI Bank account number 021 101 002 391, Ville Parle Branch), who is a Skypak branch head in Pune. If I were to transfer money to this account he would withdraw and give it to poor Shyam.

Doubt no. 1. How/why did he go to Pune after losing his wallet?
Doubt no. 2. How come he called someone from 2007 batch?
Doubt no. 3. VISA stamping in Mumbai?
Doubt no. 4. The bank account owner is in Pune but account in Mumbai?

All this can maybe still be explained. However, the clincher was:

Doubt no. 5. Why did he hang up as soon as i asked him our website's address? :)
Con artists these days dont put effort into getting their stories right!!..tsk tsk!!

PS: Those in the relevant department in ICICI would be well advised to check on the account number before the guy succeeds in defrauding someone. Quite obviously a fraud one.

Incident 2 :
Similar thing happened to a 2006 batch Xler 2 years ago

I received a call on Saturday afternoon from someone who claimed to be Mr Shyam Sunder, he said that he was 2000 batch XL-IR passout and currently working with Microsoft in Bangalore and had came to mumbai for visa stamping purpose but had lost his wallet in local train. So he was stranded in mumbai without cash and needed help. so he referred to *name removed*, a batch mate of mine and claimed that they had some common acquaintance. He said they although he had lost all his cards he had one of ICICI left with him which he was not sure of that was it still operational or not. So he will visit the branch and check out the status and let me know the account number so that i can transfer the fund for the bangalore ticket to that account.

after about another hour or so he calls back saying that his account is not functional but he has talked to an ICICI employee and ICICI guy was ready to allow him use his account to facilitate fund transfer. So he asked me to get to the net access point so that he can give me the account details. I was apprehensive so i asked him where did he got my reference from. he said that he got it through some XL alumni group site.

I also asked him about his XL mates and he referred to *name removed* of
1999 batch whom i realised was an active member of lots of sites so i asked him about his prof @ XL and he mentioned someone named prof shastri whom i hadn't heard of. so i was now very highly confused.

this guy wanted me to transfer 4-5K to him and didnt give me single fact which could convince me that he is indeed and xler, infact after that when I asked him about Gango's accounts lectures he confirmed that they were very tough. So now i was very doubtful about him so i said that i cannot transfer the fund due to technical problems on site so better if he can meet me personally than we can work things out. I gave him the public place just outside dadar station(he said that he was in that area). but he never showed up there neither did he call me again.

Incident 3:
This April one of my colleagues also from XL had the exact same story enacted with him. Reportedly he rattled off quite a few names of my colleague's batchmates.

You have been warned! The scamster unfortunately (for him) doesn't realise how tightly xlers are networked. Lets use this to our advantage and make sure he doesn't fool any more people.

Vote for XL Students' Venture @ Tata-NEN Hottest Start-Ups

XL students' entry to "XLRI's Venture @ Tata-NEN Hottest Start-Up" (Parichay) happens to be 1 of the 3 Social Ventures which the XLRI Social Entrepreneurship Trust is supporting (thanks to the contribution from the 81batch & Jamshedpur Chapter)... The 3 ventures are floated by the present batch students, who are looking at a different trajectory in life/career....and make a difference
Please vote for "Parichay" - a venture to provide market-linkages to rural/tribal artisans by logging in at:
(Parichay inaugurated their "Design & Learning Center" for the rural/tribal artisans yesterday, covered:

Your vote may help them getting the publicity - and mentoring/ funding!
I will come back to you in a week-10days (with a begging bowl;) for the XLRI Social Entrepreneurship Trust (oh... we do need your contribution to support such inititiatives from our students! ;)... write to me (off-line) if you can individually help the kitty of the XL SET Trust
meanwhile, if you have time and enthu, pl help us to support the students who have chosen to walk on "The Road Less Travelled"

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Vote for XLRI in CNBC-TV18 online survey

CNBC-TV18, along and TNS, has launched a nationwide survey to rank India's top B-schools.
The results of this nationwide survey are expected to be announced in November 2008. CNBC-TV18's 'A of B Ranking' will arrive at the 'A list' of B-schools after a comprehensive multi-tier research and survey.

As part of the study, an online perception survey is being carried out where MBA Students & Aspirants, Recruiters and Alumni can vote for their favorite B-schools. The survey is hosted at:
Please pass on this message to other XL alumni - and to HR Managers and Employers

Bodhi Tree at Golmuri Club on 11 Oct

Golmuri Club

" Bodhi Tree "
( Renowned Band from X.L.R.I )

on Saturday 11th October 2008 from 7.00 P.M onwards
" Tandoori Nite "
( The Musical )

Come enjoy with your family & friends

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sad Demise - Jasmit Singh - 76 batch

Received this mail from Arun (a batchmate of Jasmit's)

it is my sad responsibility to share an equally sad piece of news with all concerned ----- jassy aka jasmit singh is no more ------ he succumbed to a heart attack and passed away on 04 / 10 / 2008 at Delhi -------
i am sure all of us who knew him well will miss his reassuring presence at delhi + his --- " i am ready to help you right now " -------- response at all times ------ ----------------------------------------------------------------- the cremation is this evening .

i am sure most will join me in offering deepest condolences to his family ----- and bidding him a heavy heart farewell

An "Xler-IAS" about an "Xler-Marathon runner-for a cause"

(by S Ministhy, 98PMIR)
(Ruchi Varshneya, 98BMD)... support her!
...always heart-warming to know that they were here


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