Saturday, May 29, 2004

HR Spotlight: Mr. Vivek Tripathi

Mr. Vivek Tripathi is the Human Resources Head of Adobe Systems India. An alumnus of XLRI Jamshedpur, he has found his dream job at Adobe after working with couple of organizations. The pride of working in a world class company is written large on his face. Especially, when he has contributed significantly to this stature of Adobe India. Business HR met him for this interview on a dusty evening in the sprawling campus of Adobe India.

Excerpts of the interview…..

BHR What should be in your opinion the HR deliverables to an organization. Can these be captured in a matrix? What way?
VT. Clear deliverables are very necessary to provide focus to HR. One of the key HR deliverables is to meet the human resources needs by hiring employees at a very high level of quality. The second, would be to create a high performance culture where employees contribute at their best. Developing management bench strength and the capability of the employees so that the organization can take up more responsibility is also a key deliverable. Also, creating an environment of openness and trust which encourages employees to contribute at their best is very important.
For any deliverable it is important to have a measure, so that we know how we are doing. We have metrics on our hiring rates, experience level, attrition etc. which we review .In addition we take feedback from employees periodically to know who we are doing.

BHR Could you share some of the good practices of HR in Adobe?
VT. We have small group employee meetings where we invite a a group of employees in a room and get feedback on all aspects of our working at Adobe. Employees raise issues and come up with great suggestions also. We have found it a great way to identify issues that are uppermost in the minds of our employees. We get back to the employees on what we did with their suggestions.

BHR How do you keep the people at Adobe engaged and motivated? Especially, when there is significant late sitting.
VT. The main motivator for our employees is the work that they do. The contribution they make in developing a world class product is the biggest motivator. We provide them with the best infrastructure and work environment so that they contribute at their fullest.

BHR What has been a key challenge you have faced so far with respect to the HR?
VT. The main challenge in HR is that one needs to execute at a very high level of efficiency as a service provider, and one also needs to think at a high level and proactively identify organizational issues. Both these tasks are critical to establish HR's credibility.

BHR How would you describe an Adobian's profile?
VT. Our engineers have outstanding ability. In addition they are ambitious, want to make a difference and have very high energy levels. One constantly learns from them.


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