Wednesday, March 09, 2005

CRP 2005 Accomplished

well.. as usual everyone got placed [ho hum ;-)]

the key highlights would perhaps include the first international offer at XL ... LN mittal.. a cool $80,000. Also BCG recruited one person and so did HSBC Bank after quite some time..

the new companies: cadbury, nestle, novartis, accenture business consulting, intel & a few others the rest of the facts and figures are being compiled... In a day or so, we will have the exact numbers.. how many in each sector etc.....

Mohit Kishore
BM '05

On a lighter note :
In the meanwhile, the placecomm is working hard to calculate the average salary which was accepted by XL students. Average salary, incidentally, is not as easy to calculate as it seems. Hard decisions have to be taken, e.g., should the travel cost of the company executives to attend CRP be added to the CTC or not? is the market rental value of the office-space part of the monthly emoluments or not? if the company uses 3 bottles of Harpic to keep the office toilet, clean, and it is used by 23 people, how does one calulate the value to be added to the CTC? etc...

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