Friday, April 15, 2005

Whom does this Blog belong to ?

Madhukar posted this blog entry on grax...
Ive reproduced it verbatim below.

Any guesses on who the author could be ???
who from your batch, do you think is the most likely author ?
Add your comments

No, I will not give you the URL - this is the only entry in the blog (so if you have read this, then you have read the whole blog;0)

Tuesday, June 01, 2004
i wonder
I wonder if blogging is the thing for me.

As i sit here in front of the screen, all the blogs i've ever read flash in front of me eyes ( ishtyle)...and i'm thinkin...blogs are profound and/or witty and/or hilarious ... all in all, bloggers write smart and write well.

And the most writing I've ever done is graffiti crap on walls and desks... (Hope this doesnt hold up in court)

But then, part of the flashin_scene_pictorama in front of me is also all the friggin loser blogs i've read (pardonment: cudnt find milder words) ...

And i'm thinkin, the supercilious #(@ that i am, heck mate! i can do better than that!


so here's to yet another pretentious blog on the internet...mine.


PS: for those of ya who kno me...well, nothin i write can ever be complete without a liberal dose of my fave emoticons... not to mention ellipses and gibberish. the appendix below lists the most common offenders. please take note. :-D

Appendix II-A ( I start counting from II )

I stick my tongue out...Ptooey - :p
Wild manic grin - :D

Ellipsis - ...
Gibberish - @#*&@#)

Wild Exclamation - !!!


Cya all nxt time then! And to all my fellow bloggers - Let the pretentious writin flow! :-D


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