Friday, May 27, 2005

The Pyramid of what an XLer needs !

XLBang's Hierarchy of needs

Move it, Maslow !!

Physiological Needs
Party starts on Saturday at 7:30 PM and will last as long as you can
Registration - Make the process by easier and faster by bringingyour visiting cards.
Make sure you write your mobile number and the email ID on which youhave subscribed to this group on that visiting card
David D'Costa's ordering up a great menu like always and has also sponsored the Batter Fried Prawns.
Each plate is very expensive and our wonderful sponsors make it veryaffordable [We'd appreciate it if you don't take separate plates for very small children]
If it rains, we have a hall as a back-up

Security Needs
Rates - 150/300/400/20 - Single/Couple-Family/Guests/Drinks [Honey, the sponsors shrunk the rates]
[Thanks to Naukri.Com, Cognizant Technology Solutions, ITC, Manhattan (Standard Chartered) Allegro Capital Advisors, Titan Watches, Adecco People One, Eicher Consultancy Services, SAP Labs, 3M, & Fortuna Consultants]
Free booze before 8:00 PM and after 10:30 PM to incentivise you to come early and leave late
All the soft drinks that you can possibly want, thanks to PEPSI
Getting there - Park Plaza is right behind Diamond District on Airport Road. You can approach from either Airport Road or from the Inner Ring Road [Call/Email for detailed directions]
There's plenty of parking

Social Needs
You'll find tons of batchmates, seniors, juniors, friends, colleagues, associates, movers & Shekhars.
There's a huge batch of summers and 2005'ers
There will be lots of pretty woman
Ladies, if the guys fall for the above there should be lots of guys too
Be sure to call 3-4 of your batchmates and make the most of the evening
Would anyone like to organise 2-3 games for the kids? Do let me know

Esteem Needs
Our great DJ will have you begging for more
All your wet nite favourites will be playing
Dance on the edge of the Golf Course Cliff [Dance off the edge of the Golf Course Cliff]
Cool stuff like hampers, watches, sunglasses, Johnnie Walker, Post-Its, mugs and T-shirts to be had and won... for no reason at all !!
[Thanks to Naukri, Allegro Capital Advisors, 3M, Metro Cash & Carry, Titan, Fortuna, Indus League, Himalaya Herbal Healthcare]

Amigo's, Fling, Blender's Pride & Castle Lager courtesy Seagram's & SAB
The money from every drink goes to charity
ek, do, teen, chaaaar...
Please drive home safe

Personally looking forward to seeing all of you there.
BM-96 98451-41464

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