Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A fun picnic at Lodi Gardens!

Thanks to all of you who made it and made an XL alumni happen (outside the summer one!)....missed some of you who in turn missed pots of yummy food, dog and the bone, dumb charades, sunny chats, cricket with the kids and lots and lots of fun......it was amazing to see everyone connecting with everyone and for a change not needing to scream at the top of their voices...lots of warm smiles...and just the feeling of being chilled out on a sunny afternoon:)

Max turnout was from the batch of '93...so a thums up to them! (and this is inspite of them being lost finding their way;)

A special thanks to the batch of '69..we had two from among them with one more almost came:) Hari has volunteered a rooftop get-together on 23rd Jan on popular request ...so those of you who were engaged this time don't miss the next one!

Cheers to the Delhi alumni spirit !


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