Tuesday, June 26, 2007

July 21 for next XL Europe meet - London

Dear all,

Further to the open invitation sent earlier on the summer XL Europe meet, the organising team (ahem!) is pleased to confirm/ propose the following. This is based on the feedback received from some of you...

Confirmations: including family etc we have 30 people expected for the get together - we need more to sign up so please revert soon!

Date: 21st July (Saturday) seems to be ok with most.

Everybody wants a picnic. If it does not rain, we suggest Greenwich or Hyde Park. If it rains, we need a back-up venue. We are checking with Sandeep Kataria on his home front. The plan is to check the forecast a few days in advance and confirm venue.

Food & Drinks:
Option 1- Get food delivered by a caterer to someone's house & we take it to the park.
Option 2- Each one gets something. Would need some coordination to ensure we don't end up with only coke & chips :)

(we will take a decision once numbers are fixed)

Ganesh Iyer is working on some costings - we will revert with enough time for you to dig up those deep pockets!

Games at park
Of course especially if it is the park option! We will contact with those of you who volunteered.

Vijay Jamwal who was coordinating RSVPs is on leave till July 9 - so am I. So if you dont get a revert from us you will know why.

Thanks all and take care. As ever, please do revert with suggestions/ feedback/ grax..

on behalf of Sandeep, Vijay, Ganesh and Ambi

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