Monday, July 16, 2007

Prof Fenn in Bombay on 5th eve.

From: Dr. Mathai Baker Fenn


I am in Bombay Aug 3-5 for a program I am doing. If you are available in Bombay,
lets meet up on 5th Evening? If you are available please send an email to mohit kishore with your name, and mobile number?

There have been two suggestions, one is to make it a "Learning Evening" where I can share with you some of my current interests as we used to do in the class. The second is to make it more informal, meet up, maybe a drink, maybe dinner. Either way we need to organize things a bit. I am fine with either. Please send an email to Mohit along with your preference and details.


PS. If you have read my blogs you will know I am in Armenia at the moment and am coming in only on 3rd from Armenia to Bombay.

Feel free to email me, but remember to update the list with MOHIT!

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