Monday, August 13, 2007


Dear Friends,

Dracula (Dramatics & Cultural Association @ Xl) is in the process of restarting its mouthpiece “FANGS”. Fangs used to be a regular feature till some years ago when it died an unnoticed death. We at Dracula are planning to resurrect it.

As we see it, Fangs will be an unofficial forum/medium for the students/alumni to get their creative/opinion pieces published. Through this forum, we plan to give an opportunity to the students/alumni to come up with commentaries on life in XL. We invite entries from interested individuals in the form of poems, prose pieces, essays, creative pieces, satires, cartoons, anecdotes of mass interest etc. With a view to broad base this publication and also add value we are planning to invite entries from faculty members. We are also looking to take it to other B-schools at a later stage.

So, please get tapping on your keyboards and bring out those hidden thoughts and opinions and allow us to take it to the readers. Please send in your entries latest by the 25th of August ‘2007 before 11.59 PM to shadman.ahmad[@]astra[.]xlri[.]ac[.]in


Shadman Ahmad


PS: 1. Suggestions to improve Fangs and make it more attractive are most welcome.

2. We promise to publish the entries in their original form as far as possible, but we reserve the right to put our poetic license to use.

3. Anonymity guaranteed for those choosing to remain so.

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