Thursday, August 14, 2008

XL Alum 2000: Tiyash in India Today

From India Today

Online Moms

Chitra Subramanyam


It’s a new country and a brand-new culture. Even as the learning begins, you’re battling an unforeseen crisis where your child is adopting the ways of the new country.

That’s what Tiyash Bandopadhyay, 32, a management consultant in the USA faced with a young son, trying to balance two cultures. It was an issue she and her friend Priya Nair, 31, realised most mothers faced. And so was born, a website where women like them could interact.

The site, says Bandopadhyay, is “an umbrella for parents navigating lives in multicultural mayhem.” For Nair, mother of two, the challenge lay in “maintaining Malayali traditions while enjoying American ones”.

The response to the website has been immense, whether it is India, the USA, UK or Africa, even though its PR is word-of-mouth, an intentional move. Budget was one consideration.

The other, Bandopadhyay says, was because “we thought that if we could get a group of writers and find topics of interest, the community would grow on its own.” So whether it is multicultural issues or even doctor’s advice, this website gives you a different side to motherhood.

You can visit the website at


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