Sunday, March 22, 2009

XL Get-Together in London (March 28th, 2009)

Hello Folks!
some of "us" - actually about 30 of us (list below)- are meeting in London on 28th March evening for an XL get-together.
So if you are around - or know someone any XLer, who is around - please ask him/her to connect with - and join in! :
Reena Dayal (93PMIR)
Garima Garg (01PMIR)

ps: "us" means that I am also gate-crashing :0))
Confirmed List:
Mrs and Mr Ashok Aranha (1972 BM)
Vikas Garg and Ria George
Gaurav Singh 1991 BM
Prateep Sen 1992 BM
Sumeet (1993 PM) and Shefali Salwan (1993 PM)
Reena (1993 PM) and Arun
Sameer Devgan (1995 BM)
Dhritman Mukherjee (1996 BM)
Badri (1997 PM), Prerana (1997 PM), Madhav and Sharanya
Amit Banthiya (1997 BM)
Suraj (1997 BM) and Menka (1997 PM)
Bappaditya Basu (1997 PM)
Ganesh Iyer (1998)
Rhia Mukherjee (2001 BM)
Garima (2001 PM), Nikhil and Arhan
Akita (2001 BM) and Shashi Lakhotia
Shariq (2001 BM)
Abhijit (2002 BM) and Shashwati Deb
Smriti Sinha (2002 BM)
Maryann (2002 PM) and Shailesh (2002 PM)
Gaurav Gooptu (2003 BM)
Nidhi Kajaria (2003 PM)
Debasri Ghosh (2003 BM)
Divya (2005 PM) and Aditya
Dinesh Daddala (2005 BM)
Abhishek Pandey (2007 GMP)

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