Monday, May 25, 2009

xl spring time 09 meeting - Singapore - confirmed 29/5 - 730pm


here are the details again-

  • date: 29/5
  • time: 730 pm
  • location: the wine COMPANY at 26, evans roadt - NOTE EVANS ROAD not dempsey road. ph: 67321229 ( write this down)
  • cost per person - 29++ ( the reservation is under xlri)
  • south african wines + chilean wines + german wines + beer+ pizza + pasta + salad + yummy chocolate dessert on offer.
  • vegetarians - and rastafarians - NO PROBLEMO!!
  • parking: lots available in the NUS campus
  • bus / taxi - come along BUKIT timah road and turn into Evans road
SPORTS: PJ - has nicely suggested bowling - I did not hear anything from anyone after that - I am wondering ?? Any interest...

In the meanwhile, thinking aboout activities - any interest in tennis or badminton. I can book the court in the CCA building opposite where we plan to meet.If there is an interest pelase send me a text - . the facility has changing rooms. those who want to play should be ready by 530 pm; I can book the courts for 2 hours; We can after the game, just walk over to the the wine company.

guys and gals - who are seeing this mail - could you please send a friendly phone call or email to some of the friends who are not in the yahoo group or those who are not seeing them to see if they would like to come for the 29/5 Friday get together. let me know by 28/5.

Best Wishes

ReVive Consulting Group.

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