Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sandhya Krishna (IR07) Theatrical Play premiering in the Us

Dear Fellow XLers,

About 4 months ago I started my own theatre group in Pittsburgh called Blue Mango. When recession hit my 5 month old job, I decided to take my hobby and realise one of my crazy dreams. Blue Mango is Pittsburgh's first theatre group that is committed to non-traditional and color-blind casting. Our first production, to be staged next week, is an Indian play that has actors from 3 different ethnicities. I am directing this play which is set in 1940s Kerala and is quite a delightful comedy ( if I may say so!).

Obviously, you are all cordially invited for the play. If you have any friends or family who live around the area please do forward this email to them. All details about the group and the play can be found below and at our website

Thanks for supporting us!

PMIR 05-07

Please click on 'Display Images below' if you are unable to view the poster below.

Blue Mango welcomes you to their first production 'Moonshine and SkyToffee' at the New Hazlett Theater this August. The play is a delightful comedy from India and features a multi-ethnic cast.

Showtimes: Aug 28th -Friday-7pm | Aug 29th-Saturday-7pm | Aug 30th-Sunday-2pm

Tickets can be purchased online at or call 1-888-71-TICKETS

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