Saturday, September 12, 2009

Conversations with Female Contract Workers

These conversations with women contract labours in Jamshedpur were recorded by two XL students (Madhu Bala and Mahima) of the "Intro to Social Entrepreneurship" course @ XLRI during their field visit. These women get 10-15 days of work in a month, mostly at Rs 90-110/day for manual work on construction sites, which may last between 10-15hrs - with no creches, toilets, or drinking water facilities..

The family income varies between Rs 2000-4000 depending upon how many members work. Some had bank accounts, but hardly any savings. The daily struggle to survive would leave them ever-suspended in a present, with hardly any thoughts about their future. But what could be a "hope" is that they shared their assets/ resources with each other in the "basti", were less bothered/bound by "caste", and sent their children to school, as much as they could...

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