Monday, February 01, 2010

National Social Entrepreneurship Conference - Bihar model to study growth

From The Telegraph

Jamshedpur, Jan. 29: The event was the second national conference on social entrepreneurship. And the model for study was Bihar.
The three-day conference organised by XLRI was inaugurated today and chief guest was principal secretary of rural development department, Bihar, Vijoy Prakash.
The theme for this year is “solutions for inclusive development” which will see experts from social sector coming up with solutions for an improved social growth model in the country.
Prakash said the reason for 11 per cent growth rate achieved by Bihar was implementation of inclusive growth with innovative ideas.
He, however, stressed on a path-breaking idea of “broadstreaming” rather than “mainstreaming” for rural development.
“Inclusive growth means equalisation of opportunity. We often try to get underprivileged people into mainstream society but instead, if we broaden our arena and give opportunity to them according to their skills and interest, it would be better. If we aim at growth, we have to take into account their skill and utilise them,” said Prakash.
The principal secretary also explained how his department identified the differences among communities and tried to make them literate by adopting a different pedagogy.
Teaching clay modelling also helped in bringing about rural development.
He also pointed out initiatives like Mahadalit Dev Mission, state society for rehabilitation of poor (rehabilitation of beggars by using their talent) and identification of BPL families had positive results.
“Since we are talking of inclusive growth and development, we have to accommodate each and every person be it tribal, elite or Dalit,” said Prakash.

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