Monday, May 24, 2010

xlchennai : Blowout! Thank you!!

To everyone who came for the Alumni Evening on the 22nd: Thank you folks, for making it. 

A big Thank YOU to the "kids" of the 2011 batch who did quite a bit of running around to make sure things fell in place. And to their seniors, from 2010, who did not allow last year's experience dampen their enthu. 

Thanks to Ramaa Ramesh (2010) for putting together that lovely .ppt; we must now get it to go viral!

Thanks to Viji for "pairing off" people - and helping cut across batches!

Thanks to Mohan Kumar for helping the team negotiate rates with Accord.... we'll turn to you more often!

And while the sponsors must no doubt be thanked, many of them were faceless - except for Buildcraft: thank you Ravi, for being one of the sponsors!

And to those who were unable to come - thank you for tolerating all the mails, and the repeated sms-es. We did miss you; hope to see you - and in fact everyone on this group - at the next alumni evening!

(Who, by sending mails and sms-ing, pretends to be part of the organizing team:D)

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