Sunday, March 06, 2011

XL Bang - XL Accenture Cricket Match - 13 March

Hi All,

Let the Games begin!  Dig out that competitive spirit and hit the treadmill! We have been waiting for it for long and now it is upon us. Join us, as we engage in a competitive and exciting game of cricket with XL  Accenture. The match will be followed by an evening of fun, socializing and great bonding. The entire day is being hosted by our fellow alumni at the Accenture and they are going the extra mile to ensure that all of us have a great time.

Agenda : Transit will be arranged from Accenture Dairy Circle office at 10 am to the location. The event is planned from day to evening including of breakfast/ lunch and high tea. So join in! The more the merrier!
Date : 13th March, Sunday
Location: Confident Cascade Bannargetta road

Registrations for this event are now open. Do confirm your attendance at the earliest. It would help our hosts in Accenture organize a great day and plan things accordingly.

Sebastian Chandy
PMIR '07, Secretary Events
XL Bang

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