Monday, May 09, 2011

XL Alumni Meet Dubai Chapter Summer meet

Hi Greetings from XLRI !!! The time to connect with your Alma Mater is back!!! And we are very excited to invite you with your family to the Alumni Meet in Dubai. We are in process of finalizing the venue and the date of the event is 27th of May. We need some the following information about you though. It will be great if you could fill it up and send it across ASAP. For any other information please call me at the number mentioned below.
Thanks and Regards,
Gurvit Malhotra
+971 55 99 62 560

First Name *
Last Name *

Date of Birth *

Programme *

· ( ) BM

· () PM&IR

· ( ) Other:

Batch *

Organization *
Designation *
Contact Number *
Address *

What is the status of your availability? * It will be great to have you with us!!!

· ( ) Sorry but I won't be able to make it

· ( ) Its Tentative

· ( ) I am surely attending

How many from your family will be attending?


Gurvit Malhotra
Official Disc-Jockey
Sr. Executive Member - Placement Committee
PM&IR, XLRI Jamshedpur
Mobile: +971 55 99 62 560

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