Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our Light and Our Life – Bishu Da by Vinoo, XLRI

Philips launched Philips Campus Journos - a contest for current B School students to write stories - and an XLer wrote this about Bishu Da! :)

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There are lovely pictures too at the link, it will take you back to your days at Jampot.

A sampling of the article :

"From 11 pm to 4 am, there is a never ending stream of students looking to either catch up after an exhausting day of case studies. Bishu da has a flexible credit system and the cheese maggi is probably the most famous item of the menu, more so because it can also be served up the quickest.

The gossip and rumours exchanged at Bishu da’s shed light on the many happenings inside campus. Bishu da is more than a person, he is part of the XL culture, an integral part of the legacy and an institution in himself."

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