Tuesday, September 28, 2004

XL-IIMC 2005 - Absolutely Rocking!

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Here is an article written by an xler after the meet!
Rocking - absolutely!

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" Victory doesn't wait for the minds that think slow. X is unknown but C is constant"

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Hi ,
We have had an email correspondence once. Though that was about blogging and other stuff, here is a chance to tell you about something much much more enjoyable... You know we kicked them left & right, up & down... the whole campus cheered our players... we literally psyched them out - esp the girls... one IIMC guy actually cried hearing the halla of our girls... (im so proud of the fact ... >:))... ) The guys were ekdum chuss yaar... we could have also won the TT match, but the Moti playing TT took a 25 minute break citing breathing problems and went and smoked pot (go figure!!) Bad losers... but when they landed up on JLT, they were acting as if they have already won the series.. what nerve... and passing all snide & snooty remarks... Never thought halla was such fun... and never suspected I had a flair in it too.. now Im waiting for next year...

Defining moments:

#1. Chasing a score of 154 in 25 overs (= 6 p.o) and winning with one ball left.. & Harikrishnan, the batsman who scored the winning 4 took a stump, ran upto Jokers and showed them the finger.

#2. Beating the baddy team which had a player ranked 4 nationally. And John Jim going over to the Chusser who was sledging him and rumpling his hair.. & thus freaking them out totally. Their baddy player was asking for a shuttle change after each serve, so Jim went over to their side, threw the entire shuttle to the floor & asked him to select one... maaan... that was classy... :))

#3. Men's basky : Navinder Singh 'Ethical' Dullat, our sports secy, landing a punch on an IIMCian who was trying to get physical with him. And to think that we thought he was being partial to the IIMCians.. Also Rev.Augi & Rev.James screaming "Moti (Mridula of IIMC) ko bulao.." at the men's team.... :))

#4. Athletics : Cristina running along with Lancy, their runner and sledging him... that Joker could not run faster than her.. and he was competing.. heh heh..

#5. After we got 11 points, everyone wanted to play men's basky... names were announced through mike JLT that we actually had some Jokers coming upto us and asking whether we are playing men's basky... (talk about a lack of brains in asking women whether they are playing men's basky....

The euphoria is still in the air... most classes cancelled except Jesu's - he should have come to the field & seen the long locks of the IIMC guys.. (I can almost hear him shouting "You bloody bunch of jokers!! pity we did not have him out on the fields.. ) Am planning to type it all out and preserve... definitely not blogging it as it would be too volatile for any public blog... :)) tc.. n pass the news..

And there tees said "victory doesn't wait for the minds that think slow.. x is unknown but c is constant" prophetic.. and did they forget that x tends to infinity and constancy kills? and hey, we won chess 3-0 and bridge too... so much for their brains.. :))

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