Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The t- shirts

About that T-shirt thing… their slogan was

“X is changing… C remains constant”.

We had two T-shirts in reply:

Welcome to XL-IIMC 2004…. Bend Over and Dont Scream

3-Decades/ 2 B-Schools/ One Tries, But one XL’s

The first one literally came true… even their cries were muffed! )

Vivek Sharma

From: mohan vamshi k

Engineers can easily understand this..

d/dx (X) = Won, d/dx (C) = 0. This is what that has happened at XL-IIMC rite??

Ref :

C- Cal..Constant

Mohan Vamshi
Batch of 2004

-----Original Message-----
From: Abhinav Mathur

Hi all,

Had a chat with the Sportscomm Secy....he says that there's a plan to bring out commemorative tees for the occasion...the slogan and other details still have to be worked out. If we get the orders in time, students going home for diwali or durga pooja can carry the tees along. Sportscomm should be posting a mail with the exact details here sometime soon....how many for the new tees...??


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