Saturday, November 06, 2004

Amchi Mumbai chapter update

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From: "Promita Ray"
Subject: XL Alumni Mumbai - Lights! Action?

For meeting Bhushan Raina, current President XL Alumni Assoc, just 2 of us turned up eventually; albeit the notice was short, and it was a working day.

1.As a practical first step, it would be very helpful if each of us could add at least 3 xlers we know, to join the amchimumbai group.particularly need help of richard d'souza, akshay soni, aseem gandhi, et al.

madhukar(shukla) would you be able to send us a list of all mumbai alumni, so with their accord one could add their names in the database?

2. Would you be interested in
a) helping to organise a get-together this "winter" in mumbai, preferably before christmas?
b) joining in, if someone organises it all

Would request some youngers xlers to take on the coordination role - i shall certainly chip in with my bit of effort.

Promita 9820324740

From: Subir Nag

Well, I start with my apologies to Promita for not having posted a mail after our evening with Bushen and his colleagues. Bushen seems to be quite enthu in rejuvenating an otherwise lacklustre alumni association. To start with, he is aranging an event in Jamshedpur, around 20th November, lasting 3 days. I guess Akhtar had posted the details of the same in an earlier mail. He queried if anyone is interested to join the fun.

He also mentioned that Mumbai, perhaps is the least active of the all the chapters. The reasons, we all concluded, are many, like, increased work pressure, long distances to travel, status difference of south mumbai and the rest ("the twain shall never meet" was the opinion of Akshay in one of his mails; albeit in jest, I guess) etc.

however, Promita is very rightly focused on doing something to inject life in the Mumbai chapter, and has suggested two measures in her mail. I notice that out of 196 members, only 36 appear in the database. If we know the details of others, can we put their entry to increase the count?

The picnic is a great idea. I am willing to chip in with my bit, but will require 3-4 others to share the load. Let me know if anyone's game.


- subir

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