Thursday, November 02, 2006

Golden jubilee of kerala piravi on Campus

as you all know, this is the golden jubilee of kerala piravi.. we are celebrating this in a big way on addition to the customary dinner for the whole college, we are also arranging a brunch... menu includes traditional mallu stuff like puttu, appam, idiyappam, chicken stew etc etc.... pinne dinner as usual mallu vibhavangal... the surprise element is an elephant with nettipattam... a humble endeavour to make sure everyone on campus knows which of the aXIs is the grandest host ;-) we will also have a cultural extravaganza including chavittunadagam by chinju.... finally to top it all, a mallu movie screening in the plush comforts offered by LH-1....

will post pictures of the mallu day on yahoo :-) wish us luck....

(BMmer batch of 07)

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