Tuesday, November 28, 2006

MR. S. Venkatesh, President HR, Vedanta Group visits campus

The CEO forum lecture series at XLRI attracts and invites luminaries of the industry and continuing with the conquest MR. S. Venkatesh, President HR, Vedanta Group visited the campus to share his views.

Vedanta Group is one of the leading India players in metal and mines industries. It started operations as Sterlite Industries (India) Limited in 1986 and is the only Indian company in this industry to be primarily listed on the London stock Exchange. The company has a global presence and has under its umbrella a gamut of entrepreneurial ventures, acquired PSU’s and foreign companies.

Mr. Venkatesh spoke about the metal and mine industry in India and the potential of the untapped resources. The high entry barriers to the industry leave a lot of responsibility on key existing players.

He also spoke about the difficulties in setting up an entrepreneurial venture and the challenges Vedanta group has to face. He noticed that integration at all levels and all times is one of the most important learning for a leader. Acquiring, integrating and turning around the companies has been the way to success for the group.

He was full of praise for their ethics, organizational structure and work efficiency in an organisation.

With a dream of making Vedanta group the fifth largest producer of metal in the world and creating employment opportunities for engineers in their field of expertise it is set to make great contribution to the Indian economy

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