Tuesday, January 09, 2007

prof gango was here!

dear xllers

best wishes for the season

Prof Gangopadhyay was here over the weekend and made sure the current xl batch in Singapore will have some sleepless nights.

For those who do not know him or have not had the pleasure of his QT quizzes - he still makes sure the that not more than a few people gets away with A+ in QT 1 and QT 2 courses.

And not to mention he is the chief architect of the entrance exams and the questions - and he swore to me that Xl tests were still the better ( compared to the CAT) integrator and filter of talent. So be proud guys and gals!!

Aside: In XL I am told that before his quizzes there is a general gango Puja held to make sure the wrath of the questions will be mild and that they will survive the jitters. Can someone from 2000+ batch confirm!!

In Singapore XL ( sadly a very small affair) I am told that he was bribed by a trip to Singapore Sentosa Island by the student rep. Hope it works!

I met him and had a great time - his conversations as interesting as ever .I took him to a lovely lunch meeting@ Shubha PMIR 84 and Nans BM 83's beautiful home.... I had last met him in 1992, when I had gone to the campus for recruitment, and after that now....so there was a lot of catch up....I did recognise him immediately - thanks to the greying goatee and typical "bong" specs - but as he mentioned statistically he has increased in girth by 50%. He has a precise way of saying from 62 kg in 1985 to nearly 90.5 kg now!!

At Shubhas place - Georgie was there and so was Narendar. Not to forget Nans....who made sure all of us were wonderfully beered up on a sunny afternoon.

It was a simple lunch meeting with great content and food.

Content ? - What content - oh I forgot to mention we had some documentaries screened ( on Gandhiji and Vinobhaji - courtesy Dr. Amarjit Singh)and Narendar). Those films are great to watch and makes you rethink India and the struggles people have had in a totally different light....

Now here is the best part - just when the local xl Singapore students thought there is only QT1 and lavished on Gango all the benefits Sentosa could offer, in the hope of a mild quiz, there is a tougher QT 2. coming And it is in the same month. imagine going through QT in 10 continuous sessions over a weekend...I think is S&M in another name!!

Prof Gango will be back Jan 27+..... and I was wondering for those who would like to re-live the gruelling times of his quizzes and for those who would love to talk about fractals (Google it and check Prof's site) and wine and cheese -

Shall we get together for our next alumni meet - Jan 28 - 8 pm to late!!

Anyone keen!!

Best Wishes

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