Wednesday, January 31, 2007

XL's 1-Yr Full Time Exec-MBA - Candidates' Profile


XL's One-Year full-time Executive MBA Program (They stay at campus for one year - actually 4 terms - and undergo 32 courses. ) is perhaps the oldest in the country - started on '96 or so.

However, this is the first year when XL is providing them with placement facilities (earlier a large number of people used to be sponsored by companies, when 2-3 years back the number of self-sponsored candidates started increasing - this year 50/55 in the batch are self-sponsored)

Given the profile of the batch - and their term timings (they finish in end-April, as compared to the day-batch who finish the course-work in end-Feb):

- their CRP is scheduled separately from the day-batch CRP,
- is staggered starting from Feb 20th, and
- will be held at XL, Kolkata and Mumbai over the next two month.

The over-all batch profile is as follows:

3-4 yrs: 12%
4-5 yrs: 38%
5-6 yrs: 27%
6-8 yrs: 10%
>8 yrs: 13%

Manufacturing 32%
Banking 15%
Power 8%
Infrastructure 6%
Telecom 6%
Others 4%

Operations: 38%
IT/ITES: 28%
Finance: 15%
Marketing: 15%
Others: 4%

Engineering: 77%
Science: 10%
Commerce: 6%
Humanities: 2%
Others: 5%

For those looking for junta with work-ex, hope this will help


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