Saturday, February 03, 2007

An email from DRACULA!!!

Greetings from Transylvania,

I would like to write the details of my escapade spurred on by my thirst for fresh blood and to claim souls. However this is not quite the right place for it. I, Count Dracula will vacate the stage for the REAL DRACULA, a special interest group in THEATRE. This year they are raising money for Cheshire homes. But they are struggling to move beyond the model of local community involvement to reach out to the larger XLRI diaspora. Please go through the accompanying emails andsee if there is someway you can help them?

Mathai Baker Fenn

---------- Forwarded message ----------
I am enclosing the final proposal we have made put with the changes you suggested and made more sponsor friendly. We need to raise about 80,000 for the production itself and around 20,000 for the logistical parts. so in all, we need a corpus of 1,00,000. we have got 20,000 from tinplate. and possibly another 20,000 from telcon. however, we need to raise another 60,000. we are trying our best to raise this amount using our older DRAC members. It would be wonderful if you could forward this proposal to people you know in various companies who will be able to help us out.

will forward the same to Prof Shukla.


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