Thursday, February 15, 2007

World Cup time for the Mgmt Schools’ Alumni Cricket Tournament

Dear folks,

Looks like it’s World Cup time for the Mgmt Schools’ Alumni Cricket Tournament. As by now all you folks are aware the matches start on this SUN 18th Feb at the Madras Christian College (MCC) grounds at Tambaram.

The participating teams ready and raring as usual to do battle are XLRI and IIM-C as the IIM-A team is in big disarray. Therefore the 1st match shall be played on 18th between IIM-C and us. It is going to be a 25 over a side game and bowlers shall be restricted to 5 overs each with a max of 5 bowlers to be used for the full game. Whites or near whites preferred.

As the college grounds at Tambaram are at some distance from the city, we can have car pools and pickups and drops post game from and to convenient places enroute. Those of you that want to be part of a carpool please do let me know so that we can plan the same out well in advance by FRIDAY 16th Feb.

You can mail Shantaram or me about this. Breakfast is being provided to all those who land up before the match starts, so you can make an early start from your residences, play the game and finish before it gets hot.

The match shall therefore start by 7.45am and 50 overs should be thru by about 12.30 pm or thereabouts. Hopefully the following Sunday should see the IIM-A and probably IIM- Assorted ready to play.

Please once again confirm your participation for this 18th SUN match by sending a confirmatory email to me or Shantaram.

Here’s hoping to see all players, cheerleaders with pom-poms,etc bright and cheery on SUN, Feb 18th morning.

Best regards,
P.S: Any cricket equipment such as bats, gloves, pads, abdomen guards etc that you can bring along are most welcome.

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