Thursday, April 05, 2007

March 29 meet at london

Hi folks!!
jThanks a ton, Reena for hosting the evening - and to all who could make it (in spite of the change in date). It was great fun to meet people after so many years... and thankfully, finding that they are still the same :)
Great pix, Arun!... like a true photographer you captured the moments from behind the scene.... folks! if you are interested in photography - and if I may coin the term "relevant phhotography" - please do visit:
he has a phenomenal portfolio...

(actually - thoda sa, in management jargon, "ambush marketing" - if you are interested in photography, you can also visit: :0)
It was a wonderful evening for me - hopefully also for those who came, too - and I returned back pretty energised even though I reached Oxford at 2am and 1C.
I have pasted the pix that I took from my camera below... please do have a look
Reena/ junta, I am enclosing the last update of XLers in UK/Europe I have (04)... thanks also, Reena, for agreeing to become the co-moderator of xlEurope (this groups was created by Jayanth of 00batch who is now in NUS Singapore, and yous truely who still holds the fort on the first floor above the Library Building at XL :0)... we need some local junta across the batches to manage the group and bring in people... any other help is most welcome
hope we continue to have similar meets
Annual Alumni Homecoming '07
Nov 17-18, 2007 (3rd weekend of Nov... that's fixed for years to come)
Venue: XLRI Jamshedpur
Any all alumni are welcome... the formal (or otherwise;0) announcement will reach you in due course... but do book your travel
Likely agenda would be like this:
From: Reena Dayal []

heelllloooo everybody...few important messages.

Madhukar/ Sir - lovely to see you this side of town and hear the updates from XL. thank you! (hope some of the discussions of the eve work out...)

Thank you all who made was great catching up. (the amount of booze left will fuel another meet i am sure!)

Please find attached pics to view, share, etc.(Enjoy...!)

Sorry to those who could not make it...we missed you.

...and yes lets plan another one...

Some of you suggested we plan a get together every quarter and those who can make it will make it...we'll try that out and see if it works...

Next one in end June/ early July (we can use the left over stocks of daru for sure!)

any thoughts anybody...any volunteers for hosting...?

thanks all..lets continue to be in touch.

cheers! reena

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