Friday, April 20, 2007

Summer Alumni Meets in India... Curtain Raiser :0)

well, nothing concrete as yet :(
(unless one makes this kind of announcement as a "curtain raiser" ;)
:0))... but just to update junta.
The Summer Interns of the 08 batch are settling down and planning to organise meets at:
Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, NCR...
...hopefully elsewhere also.
Am sending this mail to seek your help and support to make the alumni meets a memorable event for all of us... (after all, it is "Alumni" Meet after all - not "Summer Intern"'s meet for alumni)
Sitting on this side of Bistupur, I have connected them to some of the alumni in these cities who have helped/ supported them earlier..
as of now, to the best of my knowledge:
- in Mumbai, they are meeting some alumni on Saturday at at Cafe CoffeeDay at Carter Road at 6pm on Saturday April 21st
- in Blore, they are meeting the Blore Chapter team on Monday April 24th (venue and time to be decided soon)
- in Chennai, most likely a meeting will happen next week (my interpretation of PNS' mail to them)
so folks!.. let's get going... if you are a game to help them to do a good job (with organising, sponsorship, ideas, ... or whatever).. these are the people in your place you can contact (Alphbetically) - there are more of them, I am only pasting the numbers of those which I have:
Kuruvilla Kurian (96BMD):
Mansij Majumdar (08PMIR):
Dushyant Goyal (08PMIR):
Birud Shah 08BMD - CTS
Jhumur 08PMIR - CTS
Prayrita 08BMD - Standard Chartered
Kshitij Verma (08BMD) - at Delloitte
Rashmi Bajoria (08PMIR) - at Microsoft
08BMD, Piyush Chamria
08BMD, Shivi Gupta
08BMD, Vibhor Mittal
08PMIR, Ram Prasanna
08PMIR, Iqbal Ahmed
Jesal Doshi (08BM):
(there are 20+of them in Mumbai, and are meeting on Saturday with Anurag Srivastava 92PMIR, Akshaya Soni 99BM, and Alvin Raskina 07PMIR - at Cafe Coffee Day on Carter Road... join them,if you can)
Anuj Khanna @ Hay Group
Anumeha Sinha @ Nokia
Bineet Singh @ Amex
Neha Ramchandani @ HSBC
Ruchi Kohli @ Reckitt
Shamit Gandhi @ Coca Cola
Tanya Naik @
Richa Bakshi @
Rohit Manucha @
Divya Garg @
DISCLAIMER: some of the BM interns fall into "Gaon Mein Sabun Bech Raha Tha" category, so may not be able to acces your call or respond)
[The recent batches would be aware of this, but for those who are not aware of "Gaon Mein Sabun Bech Raha Tha" context - please download the Bodhi Tree GMD song from here:

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