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Poem's by Sabyasachi Nag from 92 batch

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Sabyasachi Nag from 92 batch published his first book of poems early this year with writers workshop. The guys who published Vikram Seth's Mappings.

A review of the book is on the link shown above


Sabyasachi Nag (92PMIR) published his first book of poems early this year with Writers' Workshop.

Sabyasachi Nag, Bloodlines, A Writer’s Workshop Redbird Book, ISBN 81-8157-571-7 hardback (100 Rupees), 50 pages, 2006, Available from Lake Gardens Press, 162/92 Lake Gardens, Kolkata 700 045, India.

The review reads:

Calcutta, India-born Sabyasachi Nag, now a resident of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, represents one of the new, refreshing voices writing poetry today. A poet sensitive to what is happening in the world around him, Sachi Nag writes vividly and strongly on themes that draw from his Indian background, on nature topics, and on current events. His writing is never dull but is full of fresh surprises that reward the reader.

The poet is unflinching in tackling difficult and brutal topics....

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