Tuesday, May 29, 2007

French tips to boost biz ideas

French tips to boost biz ideas

Jamshedpur, May 28: Continuing with their global expedition, XLRI entered into a tie-up with Bordeaux Business School, France.

The move comes in the wake of XLRI’s attempt to make its curriculum more suitable for catering to the global market.

“In the rapidly changing global business environ- ment, globalisation is the need of the hour. Hence, the need for B-schools to provide their students with a global outlook towards manage-ment. Realising the importance of this, XLRI has been taking rapid strides to make its curriculum truly global and provide its students with a real feel of international management,” said Vineet Jain, secretary of International Student Exchange Programme.

The tie-up would help students of both B-schools through exchange educational programmes. A faculty exchange programme between the two institutes would also be possible.

Ranked as one of the top-ranked B-schools, Bordeaux is among one of the oldest business schools in France.

Another motive behind the tie-up is to provide competent managers to the Indian corporate world.

Moreover, several joint research joint research projects as well as degree programmes with the B-school would also be initiated through this joint venture.

“As part of the international student exchange programme, XLRI is planning to send 26 students this year to various B-schools to spend a term abroad, covering six countries spread across two continents,” said Jain.

This is the highest so far recorded by the B-school in its almost 50-year-old history.

While the tie ups are giving XLRI a chance to expand in the global scenario, the move will also help promote cross cultural learning and international co-operation among both Indian as well as foreign management students.

From The Telegraph

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