Wednesday, September 26, 2007

XLRI to roll out new courses for managers

From Business Standard

Pradipta Mukherjee / Kolkata September 26, 2007
XLRI Jamshedpur, the school of business and human resources, plans to offer a number of courses this fiscal for senior and middle-level managers.

The B-school, for instance, has designed a course for executives and owners of large- and medium-sized enterprises that are in the process of expanding their operations overseas.

According to XLRI officials, there are many instances that led to the designing of the course — the recent ones being the takeovers of Arcelor and Corus by Mittal and Tata Steel, respectively.

Christened “Challenges of Internationalisation: Risks and Strategies”, the course has been designed to meet the HR and management challenges faced by companies planning overseas expansion.

The programme will focus on understanding the challenges of globalisation that Indian businesses face when venturing abroad. This will involve risk assessments of the economic, political, technological and cultural factors to draw up appropriate winning strategies.

According to XLRI, strategies which make a business successful at home are, many a time, redundant in the new environment.

After assessing the environment, the participants would be better equipped to devise strategies for globalisation of their businesses, tailoring the capabilities and resources of their organisations to meet the challenges that may lie ahead. The focus will be on China, India’s primary competitor in Asia.

XLRI has also lined up courses for analysts, traders, fund managers from corporate treasuries, banks, funds, and executives in brokerage houses.

In its introductory course this December on derivatives, the focus will be on understanding the design, pricing and usage of derivatives in general and futures, options and swaps in particular.

According to XLRI, this course would also look at the characteristics of the markets in which these instruments trade and the nature of the players in the market.

The fees of the courses will range between Rs 15,000 and Rs 30,000. The duration of these programmes will be between two days and one month, depending upon the variety, magnitude and complexity of topics covered.

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