Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mrs Evelyn Vanjour

In late October 07 Mrs Vanjour (wife of Dean Mike Vajour) underwent cancer Surgery.

Since then she has undergone the arduous and taxing post-surgery cancer routine but apparently, without much success.

I had a call from Franklin (her Son) last night informing me that his mom is now terminal and is admitted to Karuna Ashraya.This is on the main road leading up to Whitefield and is on the left side of the road, after Corner House and before the left turn to Brookfields.

Visiting hours are up to 2100 hours,

Franklin has already taken 3 months off from work and is now assisting his mom full time at this beautiful hospital, which takes care of the terminally ill.

It is indeed sad that both his parents have been afflicted with cancer--Professor Mike having passed away some years ago.

I hope many of you will rally around an XL family in their hour of crisis through prayers and solidarity.

David D'Costa

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