Wednesday, July 16, 2008

London Alumni Meet - Saturday 19 July @ the Exchange, Soho


Just to confirm our meet this Saturday. Are you all looking forward to it?!

My number is below but the bar should be easy enough to get to (see link to map below), so please don't leave yourself to the mercy of my skill in giving proper directions in London.

See you all there from 6.45PM onwards. If you expect to be very late please drop me an email with your ETA but I really recommend everyone gets there early-ish so we can chat a little before it starts to get busy. Also, if you are going to have a companion not accounted for earlier, just let me know.

Come to the reserved area at the back. There should be signs saying XLRI in Polish*.


* I know this will confuse some people, so I should point out that this was a joke. The signs will simply say "XLRI". For those curious (for some absurd reason) about how to say XLRI in Polish, try DSPI (Donovan Stosunków Pracy Instytutu)

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