Friday, July 25, 2008

Xlers in Bangalore - check (post blasts)

Just saw the reports about the Bomb blasts in Bangalore.

Hope all Xlers and their families are safe along with most others.

The news says that there have been only 3 casualties. I hope that number doesn't change.

Cell phones aren't working, but internet networks seem to be ok. So if anyone wants to check in that they are fine or want to find out about someone you can post a comment on this entry.

I will also update the details that I know.


  1. Sonali Panda, Jabez (96 batch) and Tarandeep (97 batch) are ok

  2. There have been ‘low’ intensity blasts here in different busy areas of the city…

    Everything is safe here at the Infosys campus…the phone networks have been jammed in order to stop the panicking….

    Ketan Dani

  3. I am fine and sitting in Kolkata. Checked up on the family and everyone is okay. The blasts have happened close to where I stay in Koramangala but I understand that they were low intensity blasts!!!!!!!!!
    Titto (77 batch)

  4. Kuru (96) and David (76) are ok

  5. Looks like the bombs were all low intensity. There haven't been too many casualties.

    I have a lot of friends who were either working or living close to the blast sites. If the intensity was any stronger, many of them may not have survived.

    Thank God for small mercies. I trust this means most Xlers are ok.



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