Thursday, September 18, 2008

Meet Prof Sharad Sarin

We've had quite a good response for this evening's cocktails and dinner program with Prof Sharad Sarin. John Idicula even pointed out that he's been at XL since 1975 so he's touched quite a few of us as probably the longest serving professor at the insti.

If you'd like to carpool to the KGA, we're allowing postings on the group so people can find others coming to the KGA from nearby localities. Please email with your name, specific location details, and your mobile number.

I'll be picking up Prof Sarin from The Atria at 6:15 PM and then heading directly to the KGA through MG Rd, Command Hospital, Airport Rd, and there's space for 2 more people. We'll be returning the same way after dinner. Please call me on 98451-41464 if you would like to join us.

See you on the evening. This will be in our usual Happy Hours format except that we will be serving dinner early and having the Q&A session post dinner.

Agenda: 7:30 PM - Bar opens
8:00 PM - Dinner starts
9:00 PM - Dinner closes
9:00 PM Onwards - Q&A Session with Prof Sarin
Venue: KGA (First Floor Hall), HAL (Old Airport) Road
Cover charges: Rs 150 (incl dinner), please pay as you enter the hall
Club Host: George Ollapally



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