Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ruchi Varshneya (98 BMD) running a marathon, needs sponsors

Ruchi recently sent me this mail.

Hi Kim,
I wanted to ask for some help from you. I wanted to share my recently found passion with you and also ask for your support.

I am training to run a marathon!! Completing a marathon means a victory of mind over body for me as I have no running experience and a regular busy life raising children and working full time not to mention the after effects of having twins on my body :-).
This intersects a passion of mine - helping at least some of the destitute children in India.

A link to my fundraising website is :

As a fellow XLer, I would love to get your support towards primary education of not-so-fortunate children back home.

I have registered for the following events:
Half Marathon (13.1 miles) at Sandy Hook Beach, NJ on Oct 5, 08
Full Marathon (26.2 miles) in Philly on November 23, 08 - My Goal

I am progressing well. I ran 12 miles each last two Sundays, I am running 4 days a week averaging around 25-30 miles per week.

I never believed I could run, but the coaching program of Asha for Education revealed other wise...

Best Regards,

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