Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Parichay's (an XL Students' Venture) Product Brochure

As you know, XLRI Social Entrepreneurship Trust had funded the inception of 3 social business ventures by our students last year.

Parichay ( - which trains and provides market linkages to rural and tribal artisans - is one of them.

Currently they are working with only Bamboo artisans (and have serviced 2 orders), and plan to scale-up into 5 other crafts (Dokra, Grassmat, Payatkar Painting, etc.) - and create and sell fusion products to provide sustainable livelihoods to rural/tribal artisans.

I am enclosing their product brochure. These can be good corporate gifts, conference material, etc. - or even domestic artifacts... they can also customise the product to your requirements

My purpose in writing to you is with a request:
1. If you know about any company/ organisation, which can give them bulk orders for any item, this will be a big help

2. They need to scale up to bring in other rural/tribal crafts into the fold - and need investments to do so (XL SET provided only INR 2.5lacs - rest is their own money)... and it is the "fusion products" combining different crafts, which will give them high returns (and to the artisans). So if you know someone who would be willing to invest in their venture, will be gratefull if you can connect them.

You can write to me or write to Vikas - co-partner of Parichay.


Kims Note: Since I could not attach the .pdf file here. . .

Link to some of the products is here:

Their blog on their progress is also extremely fascinating and I would highly recommend reading it for inspiration.

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