Saturday, April 04, 2009

XLRI Alumni - Mafoi Pandiarajan (84 PMIR) contesting Loksabha elections

Dear fellow XLers

Have you heard the news of our own Mafoi Pandiarajan (84 PM&IR) contesting the Loksabha elections?

Many a times we debate about well educated people entering or not entering politics. I am that atleast one of us has come forward. Let us support him wholeheartedly. Party or no party let us pledge our support for Pandiarajan!.

I do not have a vote to cast at the Virudunagar constituency but I can spread the word through my friends who hail from there or send the mail to as many people as possible to influence. I am sure you can do that also and probably much more.

Before that you may like to know more about Pandiarajan's background, achievements and what he can do for the people. Please visit the website

Best Regards

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