Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Easy2commute - Secure Corporate Carpool for Delhi NCR

This is a new and innovative initiative being spearheaded in Delhi by an Alumnus of the 2006 batch - Ambrish Bajaj and a friend of his from IIMA - Abhishek Rajan.

About Easy2commute (E2C)

E2C is a Corporate Carpool solution designed to help office-goers find fellow commuters travelling on similar routes. The site utilizes an in-house Vicinity Search technology to suggest potential poolers who reside in nearby areas and travel to office destinations which are in close vicinity of each other. The site’s database covers more than 3000 colonies, sectors, pockets, apartments, office areas and landmarks in the Delhi NCR region to enable users to accurately locate their home and office areas, with an option to use a visual area map. In its endeavour to provide a secure environment, the solution relies on a unique User Verification process wherein HR/Admin representative from companies verify the credentials of their respective employees that register on this site. Registered users can search for potential carpoolers both intra-company as well as inter-company. Concerted efforts have gone into making this site more usable and secure for the users.

Ambrish & Abhishek

How it all began...

The origin of this site is more logical than interesting...

Abhishek Rajan and Ambrish Bajaj, having offices in DLF Cyber City (Gurgaon), often wondered over their many cups of coffee about what could be done to reduce the ever increasing traffic on the roads of Delhi NCR? One option could be to dis-incentivise purchase of new vehicles by levying more taxes, toll charges and parking fees. Another option could be to encourage commuters to use public transport. In the absence of these two, they decided to look for the third option - Carpool. The reason why they thought this could work was the emergence of several thickly populated corporate hubs (like DLF Cyber City or Udyog Vihar in Gurgaon, Electronic City in Noida) across NCR, with thousands of cars entering and exiting these corporate hubs everyday.

But the ground reality is that people do not really carpool, as is evident from the large proportion of single occupancy cars on the road. While part of the reason is to do with the mindset (some people have safety concerns, others consider it detrimental to their privacy), the other part could be that these office commuters do not really have any comprehensive means to search for fellow commuters residing in nearby areas and travelling daily to the same office/building/complex at nearly similar times of the day. The need to bridge this gap between commuters who could be potential car poolers, led to the development of the E2C Corporate Carpool concept. Addressing the safety concerns of people was also the top priority. A secure environment was to be provided, where one could choose to connect with only genuine and verified users.

Many months and numerous coffee cup discussions laters, the two managed to develop this safe and easy Corporate Carpool solution, their contribution towards a green and de-congested NCR. Abhishek and Ambrish are graduates from Delhi College of Engineering and post-graduates in Business Administration from IIM Ahmedabad and XLRI Jamshedpur respectively.

Check out the website

Energize the HR department of your company to make use of such a green initiative which will also benefit the company employees in the long run.

Contact details of the 2 innovators is on their website.

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