Monday, June 15, 2009

XL Canada Picnic - July 1 (With Family)

Date : July 1, 2009 (Wednesday)-Canada Day - RAIN/SHINE

Time : 12:00 pm onwards (normally lasts till 4:00 pm at least)

Location : Sunnybrook Park (Picnic Area No. 2), Toronto - see map attached

Directions : Most convenient to use the Entrance marked in Black on the Map off Leslie St.

Pot Luck Lunch - Each family brings a dish/snack to share in a pot luck format

Please bring our own soft drinks, styrofoam plates / cups/ napkins/spoons/ forks etc.
Please bring lawn chairs, Duree/sheets.
If you have a Stove, pls bring that along to to heat up the food if required.
(if your friends want to come along, welcome too)

We could also have games for the kids and play some cricket - and Fred has a cricket set so we can play some tennis ball cricket. Those who have Frisbees/Balls, or any other sport items, please bring them along too.Fred will be bringing a small stove and will make 'Chai' for all of us.

PS: if you are aware of any new Xlers that have moved to Toronto, please circulate to them.

Once again looking forward to see you all there,


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