Wednesday, June 09, 2010

XLRI Canada Alumni Picnic - 10 July

Yes it is that time of year again.
Proposing the XL Alumni Picnic for July 10, 2010 (Saturday) , weekend after the Canada Day Weekend.

We have traditionally held it at Sunnybrook Park but this year want to try and change the venue a bit.
Looking at the list of XLer's notice we have quite a few in the Missisuaga/Brampton Area, so hoping to switch venue to Missisuaga this year. However, personally am not aware of good picnic spots there so hoping for your suggestions in this regard.
Request you to please send in your suggestions ( please note the spot should be capable of accomodating 25-30 of us and have adequate parking).

Since the summer is in early and looks like this year is going to be a nice and hot summer, hoping to see most of you for our Annual get together.

Awaiting your responses.

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